Dubai police will add Cybertrucks to their fleet

Dubai police plan to incorporate Tesla’s new vehicle has caused a sensation. There is no doubt about this. Either in a good way or quite the opposite. Some criticized its design – remarkably retrofuturist because the idea was to go to cyberpunk lines – and also those who have admired their capabilities, such as their enormous autonomy.

The whole debate will be sterile once the sales speak for themselves. There is still time for this to happen because it will begin to occur in 2024. But in the meantime, the reserves have begun. Three days after the announcement, Elon Musk said that 200,000 units of the vehicle had already been reserved. It took little to reach a quarter of a million.

And in this context, the announcement, rather the track, which left falls Dubai police. He published a tweet that featured a Cybertruck with the police logo and a date: 2024. This year is premature because the model would not begin production until next year. Tesla Cybertruck model into its fleet of cars to patrol the streets.

Among the plans of Dubai, the police are to have Tesla Cybertruck vehicles. But not the only extravagant car of the police force. The authorities of the country have just incorporated a Mercedes AMG GT 63 S, which reaches 315 km / h and already has in its fleet with cars of the Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari or Lamborghini brands. In this context, Tesla Cybertruck will not clash as much as one might think at first.

The innovations of the Dubai police

The Dubai police force is characterized by testing the latest devices, without apparently paying for expenses. One of the machines that the entity has commissioned has a Spanish seal. This is the android REEM. The police have requested it to facilitate some administrative tasks, such as the handling of complaints and other assistance. Although it is expected that in 2030 they can perform the functions of a police officer and be 25% of the workforce.

Another of the gadgets with which the dubaití police have experienced is the Hoverbike S3. It is a flying motorcycle, an electric takeoff, and a vertical landing vehicle. Manufactured by the American company Hoversurf, it can cross the air avoiding traffic jams.