9 Proven Tips Every Digital Marketer Needs to Succeed

Most successful entrepreneurs are actively on the web. It is more lucrative than many offline businesses, but it’s not as complicated as you would imagine. Most people who start their path as an online marketer may not have started so much with strategies or have learned how to do it. Doing detailed market research and getting the right advice enables you to run a successful Internet business with excellent online visibility.

You need to have some knowledge before you proceed on your online business trip. In this article, you will discover the secrets to becoming an effective digital marketer.

  1. Have a great landing page

A high converting platform can be compared to a landing page if done correctly. About 96 percent of tourists to the eCommerce site won’t buy from you. That is real! There are several explanations for this. Some include unpersuasive content, poor images and poor website navigation. Invest in an excellent landing page, particularly if you want to run flash sales, timely referral programs or, even launch a new product line.

  1. Optimize the ranking of your search engine

SEO, known as search engine optimization, is the secret to your business success, whether you are an online retailer with a limited operation area or reliant on website traffic.

To enhance your e-commerce traffic, including long and short period methods of online marketing, such as PPC and SEO, review your homepage and product/service pages with thorough keyword research.

Use software such as SEMrush to study the keywords that have high rankings. Optimize the web contents, share the backlinks, and ensure that you mention the company in related forums and directories using the primary keyword position or product/service.

If you cannot optimize your ranking all by yourself, there are recognized companies that are ready to assist you through your online journey. A Freeparking SEO partner, for example,  can help create website traffic and improve customer retention and care.

3 .Utilize blogging as a nurturing tool

In 2018, LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group estimates that the top three communication strategies are blogging (65%), social networking (64%), and case studies (64%). It’s no surprise that blogging has become a popular occurrence in every business.

It is an important method of informing, educating and nurturing consumers of e-commerce companies. This empowers companies to expand their business at different levels with all the information they need.

  1. Recommend products on the website

Product recommendations generate up to 30% of e-commerce revenues. Tech Giant Amazon first introduced the concept to encourage its customers to purchase additional products. You will immediately see a section named “Recommended Deals for you” if you are your first time visitor on the Amazon website.  Product recommendations on a website have been proven to help businesses succeed.

5 . Make sure that you are on board for email marketing

An email marketing program is an internet mail provided by a corporation to one or more customers. The recipients should take action, connect with the business, and help to generate further leads and sales through a productive email marketing campaign.

One of the big advantages of this marketing is that people often use email extensively. According to research, 90% of adults and 74% of teens still use email daily. This allows email marketing to be the best resource to create partnerships with clients and improve revenue income.

However, it would help if you did some preparation work before running a successful email marketing campaign

  1. Build a friendly strategic push

Push notifications have governed the digital landscape for three years. Since 60% of customers find all kinds of push notifications to be valuable, it is no wonder push is known as an important part of the marketing strategy industry-wide.

Push alerts will help you reach the right users based on their profiles and website and smartphone usage because the technologies used segments them. In contrast to emails, it is often hard to ignore push-notices on smartphones and laptops.

To improve consumer loyalty, you should use the moving approach to various ways:

To restore shopping carts abandoned To notify clients of a continuous sale or retail item To exchange area deals To give timely demand warning Re-engage with inactive customers To remind the consumer of the shipping process To recommend browsing or to purchase history-based products. Because a push message is a bit intrusive, carefully time your message.

  1. Build a PWA for your e-shop

For the first time, Google introduced the Progressive web application (PWA) concept in 2015 to improve mobile user experience. Now 80 percent of consumers in e-commerce use their phones to browse the store, search for reviews, and find better deals.

A PWA removes installation issues, offers a smoother loading experience, and even when the mobile app is not working, push notification is sent to a computer. Search engines often notice a PWA from a rating point of view.

Some of the famous PWA-enabled e-commerce product category sare Alibaba, Sephora, Uber and Trivago. With the launch of Flipkart Lite, the PWA from Flipkart, the user increased his time-on-time on-site to 3.5 seconds and ensured a 40 % re-engagement rate.

  1. Be conscious of campaign spending

Different platforms offer different marketing principles, so you have to monitor the marketing campaigns’ performance on each platform and realize which platform is worth more money and time.

You can effectively plan your budget, depending on how your brand works. The platform that best suits your business needs may be different from what you expected – that is why tracking campaigns are important.

  1. Integrate all forms of communication

You need a consistent message to get the attention of your target audience effectively. It ensures that the advertising will be distributed through various channels, and the message will be the same irrespective of the platform.

Because different social networking platforms have a unique feel and vibe, you will invest time to ensure advertisements suit each platform while maintaining a clear, distinctive identity for your company.

It’s a big order, but the time and effort are worth it.


These are proven ways to your online success that will make your business blossom and visible beyond your imagination. You should be well on the path to a profitable internet business by implementing the tips above. Remember, everyone can operate a business, but you would have to be strong-minded for your business to turn out successful.