How to Build Quality Backlinks When you’re Starting Out

To compete in today’s global market, you need to maintain a strong online presence. The internet remains arguably the most powerful entrepreneurial tool.

To harness its full potential, you must adopt solid marketing strategies for your website. Building top-notch backlinks is one such strategy.

Backlinks are leads on external web content directing viewers to a page on your site. You might have heard of building backlinks. Now, you’re considering getting a few of your own.

There’s one problem there: you’re new on the job and don’t have a clue where to start. Your readership is still maturing, and no one knows your name. Why will anyone link to your content?

There is hope for you yet!

Granted, you need a staggering number of backlinks to make Google’s first page. Even the last result on page one has over 20,000 backlinks. However, even the number one search result started somewhere. You’re late to the party, but lucky for you there’s plenty to go round.

Despite what you hear in contrast, you don’t need fame to build quality backlinks. There are several ways to get backlinks, read on to find out more.

Why is it important to Build high-quality backlinks?

People get drawn into hiring nefarious SEO agencies to create bogus backlinks. This is a risky and disreputable SEO strategy to use. The result connects your website to several poor quality or non-operational sites.

Using links to these defunct websites can affect your ranking on search engines. It does your website no favours.

This tactic tries to deceive search engines and give your site an undeserved rank. Although it’s possible to avoid detection for a while, the punishment is inevitable and severe.

They can cut your rankings with no chance for reversal, which is detrimental for your business.

Reputable SEO strategies, however, use established sites with strong domain authority to build backlinks.

It’s the best way to create high-quality backlinks and rank among top search engine results. Search engines consider the external link text, your domain’s authority and external link strength.

The point is, don’t be persuaded into improving your ranking with unethical tactics. The long-term consequences overshadow the temporary benefits. Put in effort and build them steadily using high-quality sites.

The right SEO approach, such as SEO from Synapse, is as beneficial as bad ones are damaging. The desired result takes time, but the results will reward your patience and consistency.

If you are unsure where to start, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the ways you can build that elusive backlinking strategy.

How Can You Create Quality Backlinks from Scratch?

1. Interacting with Other Bloggers

One amazing way to improve your chances of getting backlinks is: interacting with publishers. This applies to bloggers more than others.

The importance of building a network is the primary focus here. You don’t want to get a superficial connection, but instead a lasting one.

Regardless of your content’s quality, recognizing your brand improves your chances. So, you must increase your brand visibility.

You can achieve this by leaving comments on their blog posts and social media. Your comments are effective when you make thoughtful observations and ask relevant questions.

The better your connection with these industry peers, the more backlinking opportunities you get.

2. Conduct a Study

Conducting a study on a specific topic is an excellent way to generate backlinks. If you have unique statistical data, your content becomes a prized resource.

Bloggers and content creators will reference your work on relevant posts. They are obligated to link back to the source, giving you an automatic backlink.

Most times, conducting a study seems tough and time-demanding. You might not be a data scientist after all. Why not give Google Forms a whirl?

Once you create your Google form, send a copy of the link to your recipients. After completing the survey, you can analyze the data and publish your findings.

It’s a straightforward way to produce original content by collecting exclusive information. If you are the major source, publishers have to link your content to use it.

3. Write Reviews and Testimonials for Other Sites

Reviews and recommendations for products and services in your knowledge area may seem counter-productive.

You might think it improves their chances of poaching your clientele. In the long run, it can be a fantastic idea to increase your backlinks and SEO.

When you write testimonials, the concerned websites are glad to link to the article on your site. It is an excellent way to augment your reputation and expertise.

4. Contribute Insightful Comments on Relevant Blog Posts

Commenting on blog posts is an excellent way to build relationships required for backlinks.

Don’t restrict yourself to contributing comments on articles by bloggers you want backlinks from alone. As an alternative, add comments with perceptive opinions on posts related to your industry. This reveals your knowledge and promotes your brand.

As you develop your reputation, you improve the likelihood of people identifying your brand. It makes them receptive to backlinking your site.

5. Link Authority Sites and Reach Out

If you prefer a direct approach, link to the publisher’s site ahead of time. Make sure you do this with engaging content, afterwards, contact them to discuss backlinks. It’s an added incentive to consider your request.

It might not always work, but many bloggers and publishers will probably return the favor. Taking the first step goes a long way in breaking the ice. Take the initiative and work on building a solid relationship.

Key Takeaway

Building top-notch backlinks can look challenging. With the right approach, it should be a breeze.

With the methods discussed above, you should be well-equipped to transform your online presence. This can work wonders for your business’ online visibility and conversion rates.

The steps simply advocate building quality backlinks by forming meaningful relationships. The best backlinking strategy tells the audience who you are and what you offer.

Then you can kick back and enjoy the SEO benefits your business deserves.