The news that WhatsApp will bring in 2023


New Year New Life. That was what WhatsApp developers had to think after announcing the news that the application will bring in 2023. Do you want to know what their innovations are? We tell you.

2020 arrives with many new features and the first of all comes from the WhatsApp mobile messaging application. In the final stretch of last year, the developer explained that there would be major changes. Next, we tell you what is the news of WhatsApp for 2023.

The end of WhatsApp … for some

One of the novelties of WhatsApp is that the application will stop working in some terminals. Which mobiles will be affected by this change?

The answer is in obsolescence and security. The mobiles that the platform leaves behind have a very old version of their operating system.

The terminals that will be affected are those Android phones whose version is 2.3.7 or lower. The iPhone that has iOS 8 or an earlier version will not be able to use the application and, finally, if your terminal incorporates the Windows Phone operating system

What recommendations are there to continue with the application on an old mobile? There are two options. The first is to find out if we can update the system of our device and thus achieve an extension of at least one year. The other option is to buy a new mobile.

Own Internet Browser

A logical improvement for the application when it began to allow the reproduction of video links from other platforms without leaving the chat.

This novelty will allow you to open links securely and without leaving the chat in the background. It should be said that this novelty is also available on Telegram.

Photo filters

The application will improve the ability to take pictures and share them.

It is expected that users can use filters and perform boomerangs as with Instagram.

Self-destruct messages

Another novelty of WhatsApp in 2023 is that we will have the ability to self – destruct our messages without a trace.

Previously we could delete our messages within a set period. Now, with this novelty, we can configure when the message that can be one hour, one month or even one year will self-destruct.

This function is also incorporated by Signal, which is considered by users as the most secure application due to its open-source cryptographic protocols.

Identify a user through QR code and avoid unwanted groups

Another similarity is very similar to Instagram. Soon it will allow us to generate a QR code of our profile so that other contacts can save us in their contacts.

In 2019 WhatsApp has been working to prevent people from being included in unwanted chat groups. It is expected that this improvement will arrive in the middle of the year where the user will be able to establish a more restricted range on who can add him to a group and who cannot include in that group.

Put categories to contacts

This is one of the novelties of WhatsApp in 2023, in this case for the WhatsApp Business enterprise platform.

This improvement will allow companies to segment users. It is expected to be extended to all and can become an alternative to other platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

In short, a radical change of the most used application worldwide. Will you like your users?