What news will Samsung present at CES 2024?

Samsung has confirmed that it will present at the CES 2024 a virtual keyboard outside the screen that uses the selfie camera to work and an intelligent underline.

The first big date of the year for technology lovers comes just after the night of the Magi. Do you know which one it is? On January 7, CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) begins in the city of Las Vegas (USA) that will last until Friday, January 10. And it is a key date for companies such as Samsung, LG or Sony, as they will present their next products to set a trend next year.

In this sense, we already know some of the novelties that will be launched in this new edition and it seems that it will not leave anyone indifferent. One of the companies that always succeed in CES is, without a doubt, Samsung. What do you have prepared this year?

A holographic keyboard and an intelligent underline

The South Korean company has confirmed that it will present five new products during CES 2024, so you can expect news about a device in its Galaxy range. However, what catches our attention is the ‘SelfieType’, a virtual keyboard outside the screen that uses the selfie camera to work.

The holographic keyboard uses the front camera of any device to capture the movements of the fingers and translate them to the keyboard thanks to the incorporation of an artificial intelligence system. It will be available for any Android smartphone, tablet or laptop. A new way of writing the future?

In addition to this novelty, Samsung will also present an underline to digitize any type of text. ‘Hyler’ also uses artificial intelligence to transfer the texts of a paper to any mobile device.

What do we know about the rest of the companies? At the moment the information is scarce, although Sony has already announced the motto of its presentation: «The future is coming». Could it be the next PS5? We will still have to wait a few days to know the products that will set the trend this 2024.