The best tips for renting a home

    One of the best times to rent an apartment is summer. The floors are filled during the summer season, especially those that are in coastal and tourist areas and it is that summer Spain is full of travelers. The complicated thing comes once the heat ends and the cold and rains come, and renting an apartment is a difficult task, especially if you live in an area with a saturated market or your home is away from the city center. Whatever your home in today’s article we have compiled a decalogue with the best tips for renting a home. This way, it will be easier for you to get good tenants for your property.

    Tips for renting a home and being quiet

    Find the right tenant

    Whatever your objective and your home, the dream of every owner who seeks to rent his apartment or house is to find yeebia the perfect tenant. And the benefits of finding a person who lives in your apartment are many:

    • A good tenant will take care of your property
    • You will not have problems with payments
    • It will comply with all the points of the contract that you have signed
    • You will save time and money with the efforts
    • You will avoid going to the lawyer

    However, the task of finding a tenant who meets all of the above is not easy, therefore, you should take into account the following tips to rent a home.

    Go to a professional

    In legal and economic matters it is better to ask for professional advice to help us with any questions. You must manage too many papers and you need to be sure to get everything right, the price, the contract, select the tenant, advice .. And it is that there are too many things to consider for any owner, especially newbies. These small problems extend the rental time and delay the apartment being rented. And it is that professionals recommend asking experts for help since we will save time and money that we can use in other things, such as painting or fine-tuning our home.

    Search our target

    In marketing, the word target is known as the “ideal client”, in real estate matters our target is the ideal tenant and that is what we must establish first of all. Before we talked about the importance of finding our right tenant, now we will tell you how to establish this type of profile. The first thing you should do to get it is to study the market and know your home. If your apartment is in a university city like Santiago de Compostela or Salamanca you should evaluate the possibility of renting only to students. To do this you must prepare your property only for university students, that have Wi-Fi is very important, and the same happens with the furniture since the students need that the house has some type of furniture since as a general rule, they do not last long in a Same site and usually rent for a course or 9 months.

    On the other hand, if you live in a larger city, you should know that many tenants are looking for empty and unfurnished floors since they prefer to sign a contract for more years since they are usually families with children and possibly have furniture. The same goes for any profile, you should know what your needs are and what you expect from your apartment. And it is not the same to rent a studio of 50 square meters than a large apartment of more than 100 meters and with 4 rooms.

    Our recommendation is that you think which profile suits you best to take care of your floor. Once you decide, before you can get down. A tip, each target or tenant is searched in a different place, so look for the advertising platform according to your profile!

    Requires security

    The lack of money and job instability is one of the causes that have produced a decline in the real estate market. The first thing that the owners look for is the security of knowing that their tenants can pay the rent every month. Hence the need to ask for payment guarantees, the typical examples are to ask for two months of rent in advance, demand a copy of the contract or the worker’s payroll.

    Other possibilities are to study the tenant and ask for references to know if it is reliable. If you want to gain your trust you should ask him since a person who wants to rent your apartment has no reason to hide anything.

    Guarantees added

    Renting a flat can be a stressful task and it is that many owners are overwhelmed with the search for the perfect tenant. In order not to have this problem and to be calm, we recommend that you request additional guarantees, for example, you can request a guarantee from your tenant or opt for the possibility of hiring a rental insurance that includes collection guarantees, expenses of a lawyer or some compensation that covers the contracted policy. In short, it’s about having your back covered and these are just some of the ways to get it.

    Define the rental price

    Putting a price on your floor is more difficult than it seems. If you ask for more, it is possible that you never rent it, on the contrary if you ask for little you may lose money. To get the right price you must find a balance between what you want and what the market demands. Do not exceed the price and ask for advice from a real estate expert. You can make an appointment and go to a professional to study your case and advise you! You will see how well invested money is.

    Be a good owner

    Not all are advantages and is that the owner must also fulfill their obligations. All tenants have the right to live with dignity and to attend their complaints and doubts. Therefore, do not hesitate and play the role of a good owner, you have a lot to lose and it is also your obligation. A typical example for you to get an idea is to address the complaints of a tenant who has problems with the light, with the elevator or leaking upper floors. These types of issues must be resolved mostly by the owners and you must exercise as such to get your tenant to recommend you in the future.

    Adapt and depersonalize the property

    In this last section we mean that you take all the photographs and personal items and create a neutral and impartial environment. Leave the necessary furniture and decorate the property better, for example, sofas, television and the like. It offers the tenant the option to bring or change their furniture, the same when painting the property. Therefore, you must adapt to your tenant and invest in your apartment repairing and decorating it but with the necessary, for example, in neutral colors such as white so that it is easy to change it.

    Finally, you should consider the following possibilities:

    • Invest and fix all the damage. In this way, the value of the floor will be revalued.
    • Advertise your home on digital platforms to get maximum tenants.
    • Clean your floor and offer decoration options such as painting you or the tenant if you want.
    • Finally, be flexible in the negotiations.

    And you liked these tips for renting a home? We hope you follow them to the letter and so you can find a tenant for your home. And remember, if you want to stay informed do not stop reading our real estate blog.