The selection of smartphones on the market today is confusing. Numerous manufacturers vie for the favor of customers, be it with the performance or over the price. Samsung is one of the most renowned manufacturers and has secured a good reputation and the highest market shares in the field of Android smartphones. This is mainly due to the fact that the model range can be divided into three different classes with clear descriptions.

The range of top phones from Samsung has just widened as the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip have come onto the market and some of them can now be found in our ranking.

But even without these phones, there are a lot of great Samsung devices to consider, including the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

You will find specifications, advantages and disadvantages, and a short overview of each device so that you can see all the important things at a glance, which makes the comparison easier. For everything that is shortlisted, we recommend that you click through to the comprehensive reviews.Buy products related to new cell phones and smartphones and see what customers say about a new cellphone and smartphones.Here you can find Special deals on the latest cell phones and smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is currently at the top of our ranking of the best Samsung phones available, even if its rule might be short-lived, as we cannot yet make a final judgment about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra at the time of this writing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10Plus has topped the leaderboard for quite a long time, and for good reason. It is a major upgrade from the previous model, with a new design for the entire screen, which is made possible by the fact that Samsung has given up the bezel in favor of a pinhole camera. Speaking of the camera, you get three on the back and two on the front, which makes this phone a very versatile camera phone. The fingerprint scanner is now in the display, which is much more ideal than on the back, and there is a large 4,100 mAh battery that gives the Galaxy S10 Plus a lot of life. So much that you might even consider the new Wireless Power Share feature to spice up other devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn’t just one of the better Samsung phones you can buy today; it’s one of the better phones ever, period. It’s an expensive device, sure, but cheaper than it used to be. His main selling point this time is the unique S-Pen, which no longer needs to be charged. With the new S-Pen, you can not only do normal, pen-like things, but also take selfies from a distance that you would otherwise not be able to take. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also one of the best camera phones in Samsung’s range, with a camera that easily outshines most of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s most ambitious and exciting mobile phone to date. But it is also the company’s most expensive and probably also the most impractical device.Its 7.3-inch folding display will surely delight everyone who sees it and you get a phone and a tablet in one.

The best Samsung phones at a glance:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  6. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy S10
  8. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  10. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  11. Samsung Galaxy Fold
  12. Samsung Galaxy A80