Staying inside the home places is letting us keep ourselves completely away from the pandemic. But at the same time, people have been constantly missing the way they used to hang out outside freely without any risk of health. Over the last few months, the whole world has been stuck inside their homes under the name of “lockdown” just to prevent the attack of coronavirus and reduce their chances of facing this pandemic.

The only solution to fight off this health disease is to improve your immune system and keep it healthy all the time. But some people are quite a lot conscious to know about how staying indoor can affect the immune system.  It has been medically proven that your body can get a boost with a healthy immune system only if you are in a habit to sit under the sunlight rays for 24 hours of the cycle.  But now as the whole world has been stuck inside their homes, how they can step out of their homes and get Vitamin C from their sunlight rays!

Daily exposure of Vitamin D helps strengthen the human bones and even brings a certain improvement in their immune system. It makes the immune cells stronger to let the body stay healthy and less prone to disease infections.  There have been so much researches being conducted to get an idea about whether the supplements of Vitamin D can reduce the risk of COVID 19 complications or not.  According to a recent report, maximum deaths in Spain and Italy did happen due to the lowest level of Vitamin D in COVID 19 patients. An elevated amount of troponin antibody level within the blood may even indicate a heart attack.

According to medical doctors, putting yourself in the habit of daily exercises can even help your body to fight against the COVID 19 germs. But no such evidence has been drawn regarding this fact and still it is coming across as a myth.  Besides getting into a high level of Vitamin D and physical exercises, there have been so many theories that are discussed to explain all such findings. One such finding is that spending maximum time in an outdoor routine can better help a person deal with stress and scenario of loneliness.  Getting in contact with outdoor people can outstretch your brain cells and can better help your brain stay relaxed and composed of different situations daily.

Although the doctors have not yet concluded any sort of medical implications to explain the relationship between indoor routine and immune system! But still staying constantly in the indoor locations for a long time can put a direct effect on your brain and personality which can result in a bad immune system for sure.