The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Countertop Microwave

You may have heard a lot about these countertop microwaves.  What you have heard are positive comments and reviews about the oven and maybe, you haven’t learned of some of the disadvantages that this oven brings. You can choose the best small countertop microwave oven. In this article, we will give some emphasis on both the negative and positive aspects of this appliance. 

The Advantages

  • It’s being compact- the oven comes in various sizes and finishes.  This oven is great for small kitchens or many dorms and boarding houses.  It will be easier for the students to use this for their snacks and breakfast.  After using the appliance, they can just store it below their beds or other areas that are hidden. 
  • The convenience- because these ovens are portable, it can be very convenient to bring this from place to place.  They don’t require you to install it on the walls or other parts of the house.  It can also be easily borrowed by your friends and siblings when you are in the same dormitory. 
  • The lower cost- this the best advantage that this oven has.  It cost lower than the other counterpart.  What makes this popular is that it can be afforded by students and ordinary individuals. 
  • Simple features and functions- these ovens are fitted with simple and easy to use controls and basic features.  You don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy your countertop. 
  • Countertops are easier to clean because you can just bring this outside the house.  No worry if you spill any food residue on the floor or any other parts of the house.  There is also no problem of interference, while you the cleaning and small repairs, as there can be more space outside the house. 

The Disadvantages

  • It still occupies space- countertops need to be put on top of your counters and even in cabinets.  This will require you to allocate a small area in any of these counters.  When you have a full kitchen, you need to disregard some of your stuff, to give way for the oven. 
  • If you don’t have a counter, it would be impossible to use a countertop oven.  So, you must make way for a counter, if you want to buy a countertop oven.
  • Most countertops are not designed to do heavy cooking and heating.  They are purposely made for simple heating of light foods good for snacks.

Countertops are good ovens, but, like everything in this world, there will always be a drawback on everything.