Waterjet Cutting Machinery Market would expand at a CAGR of 7.1% over the period 2019 and 2027

Waterjet cutting machines can cut a variety of materials. Across the world, rising manufacturing activities are increasing the demand for waterjet cutting machinery. Waterjet cutting machines are an integral part of metal fabrication industry. Rising manufacturing activity across the world is increasing the demand for fabrication and cutting. Waterjet cutting machinery, especially robotic waterjet cutting machinery are performing the metal fabrication operations with precision causing least environmental damage. It is expected that global metal fabrication industry is expected show significant growth during the forecast period which is increasing the demand for waterjet cutting machinery.

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Robotic waterjet cutting machines have more or less automated the cutting process in waterjet cutting machinery market and they also provide high precision cutting. Presently waterjet cutting is computer operated reducing human error. The cuts made by a waterjet machine are so fine that they does not require any secondary finishing cut. Rising automation along with high quality secondary finishing is increasing the demand for waterjet cutting machines across all industries in the world.

Global waterjet cutting machinery market has been segmented in terms of product type, machine size, and geography. On the basis of product type, waterjet cutting machinery is classified as 3D waterjet cutting, micro waterjet cutting, and robotic waterjet. In terms of machine size, the market is classified as small size, medium size, and large size.  3D waterjet cutting can be a one dimensional waterjet cutting system, two dimensional waterjet cutting system, or three dimensional waterjet cutting system. One dimensional waterjet cutting systems generally use pure water for cutting metals which is also known as pure waterjet cutting process. Two dimensional waterjet cutting systems are the most popular. A three dimensional waterjet system has five axes and are generally used in heavy-duty applications. Three dimensional waterjet cutting can be used both as a pure waterjet cutting process or abrasive waterjet cutting process.

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In terms of geography, market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. North America and Europe are pioneers in the field of waterjet cutting machinery. Waterjet cutting technology being versatile and environmental friendly is installed in various manufacturing plants across North America and Europe. New research and development are carried out in these regions to produce more efficient waterjet cutting machine, thus lowering maintenance cost.

There is a good opportunity for waterjet cutting manufacturers to more penetrate the Asia Pacific textile industry. In textile industry, soft fabric, feminine hygiene products, diapers and other health care products is cut through waterjet cutting machines. Majority of the cutting in the textile industry are done through these high speed cutting machines. Asia Pacific is a major textile region in the world where China is the largest exporter of textile in the world followed by India. All these factors present a huge opportunity for growth of waterjet cutting machines in Asia Pacific textile industry. In emerging economies of the world such as China and India there is increasing manufacturing activity to create affordable products at a low price. Rising industrial production of mass products is expected to create a good opportunity for growth of waterjet machines in emerging economies of the word

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Major players operating in the market are

  • DARDI International Corp.
  • ESAB Group Inc.
  • KMT Waterjet Systems, Inc.
  • A Innovative International Ltd.
  • Flow International Corp.
  • Bystronic Laser AG
  • Water Jet Sweden AB
  • Waterjet Corporation S.R.L.
  • WARDJet Inc.
  • TNLB Corporation
  • NLB Corporation
  • BFT GmbH
  • Resato international BV
  • OMAX Corporation
  • Uhde High Pressure Technologies GmbH
  • Hypertherm Inc.
  • Jet Edge Waterjet System
  • OH Precision Corp.
  • Hughes Pumps Ltd.
  • Waterjet Systems International
  • Water Jet Germany Private Ltd.

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