Football is a sport that penetrated everyone’s hearts and was not limited to anyone. There is neither a great nor a young person. In one house, you find at least two people addicted to football, and sometimes you find them disagreeing in opinion and heated debate between them.

This sport is a world in itself, it is not just a ball that players circulate between their feet and throw it around the green rectangle. For players, as is fitness, physical strength and also skill. 먹튀폴리스

If you are a fan of the round, then you are aware of its secrets, and in this article I will address some of the terms that some know and ignorant of others and which have a close relationship to success, and some of them have to do with the plans and tasks on the field. Success :



It is the motive that drives the person and urges him to do something, and the motivation is either internal or external, and the motivation has a great effect on success, so his presence enables the player to make an additional effort, the desire is present and the focus is multiplied, and the absence of motivation leads to apathy and satisfaction with a little, for example the presence of motivation He is what made the German national team win the 2014 World Cup, and he is what made Real Madrid win the European Champions League after a long absence. Hence, we find that it is one of the reasons for success, and at the individual level the motivation is what made “Cristiano Ronaldo” win the Ballon d’Or after “Messi” monopolized it.

The Fighting Spirit (Grinta):

It is playing without slackening and without boredom and exerting effort until the last breath, and it does not need skills, but rather a fight and determination in order to win, the best example of which the Italians in the past and their victory in the World Cup (2006) is the greatest evidence. We find that some say that the team or players who have the fighting spirit do not need a coach, but this is incorrect talk. The coach is the one who creates this spirit within his players, and among the best coaches in this regard (Mourinho) and what he did with “Inter”, and recently Simeone does it with “Atletico Madrid” and we also find that the spirit is what made “Chile” win the Copa America.


Level stability (FORM):

It is one of the most important factors of crowning in the leagues. The club that can maintain its level, the largest number of rounds, is the most likely to win the title, so we find that “Chelsea” last season is the most stable club in the English Premier League, which helped him win the league, and I quote what he said “Wenger” at the beginning of the season when he declared that “consistency of level is the main factor in resolving the struggle for the title” and stability of the level may be at the individual level, as the struggle between “Ronaldo and Messi” for several years is caused by the stability of their level from one season to another.

As for tactics, plans and playing sites, there are several things that must be clarified: –


Tactical player:

He is the player who shows the coach’s spirit on the field and he is the coach’s favorite player, as he is a player who relies on his mind and thinking and applies the instructions of his coach, and we all link the tactical player always to the middle of the field, but the tactical player can be a defender, a midfielder or a striker as well.

A defender who is positioned properly, anticipates the opponent’s moves, can play in more than one position, and knows when to commit mistakes is a tactical defender.

As for the tactical midfielder, he is the one who balances defense and attack, exposes the pitch and exploits spaces, and finds him an attacker when attacking and the first defender when receiving attacks, and at the same time he covers when the backs advance.

Finally, the tactical striker is a striker who has a high concentration of what is going on on the field and the movement of the opponent’s defenders, and he has a correct position and opens spaces for his teammates when he moves without a ball and has a wonderful expectation of where the ball will go.


Pole player:

He is a defensive midfielder, who is stationed in front of the defenders to play defensive roles, and his most important task on the field is filling gaps and covering the backs when they attack, transferring the ball to the sides or into the middle or attack and pressing the opponent on the side or side from which attacks abound, and the pivot player is Superb positioned, effortless, predictable and able to stop the opponent.


Pivot Player: –

He is the player responsible for preparing and building attacks, and he is a center that enables the player to read the field, and one of his most important characteristics is the ability to control and control the course of the match and he is the midfield leader in the first class.


Dynamo Player (BOX TO BOX):

He is a comprehensive midfielder, and this is the center that needs a tactical player, as he offers almost the same level in defense and attack, so when you attack you find him coming from the back and supporting the attackers, and when defending, he is the first defender.


Dummy Attacker:

It is a modern old center, a player who is able to score goals and make them at the same time, and this is what distinguishes him from the outspoken striker, as he may be stationed outside the penalty area to give the opportunity to those coming from the back and this confuses the opponent’s defenses. And it is a site that needs a coach who can employ a game plan that matches that position.