Test and Review: Stellar Free Data Recovery Software

In this post, we are reviewing Stellar Data Recovery – Free, a DIY software to restore lost or deleted data from PC, laptop, and external storage media devices.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Review

Stellar Data Recovery Free is one of the most easy-to-use yet powerful data recovery tools. Equipped with a great and interactive user-interface, advanced data retrieval features, and a huge file-type library, this software can retrieve up to 1 GB of lost or deleted data on Windows, absolutely free.

In this review, we have examined every aspect of this free data recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery Free enables the users to restore lost or deleted documents, videos, email data files, photos, etc. The software helps to get your data back from all Windows PCs, laptops, and any storage media.

Coming from one of the top-rated Data Care Company, Stellar Information Pvt. Ltd, this DIY (do-it-yourself) software is backed up with a suite of high-end tools and features.

Stellar Data Recovery Free: Features

Exclusively available for Windows OS, it allows users to  restore data from formatted PCs, hard drive partitions, and storage media devices with file systems including NTFS, exFAT, FAT (FAT16/FAT32).You may add any custom file type for data retrieval. You can also preview the recoverable files in a neat layout before saving them. Moreover, Stellar Data Recovery Free enables you to retrieve lost data even from the BitLocker encrypted drives.

Recover any kind of data Preview files before saving them
Retrieves all file types including uncommon or custom file formats Preview the recoverable files to check authenticity
Recover from formatted drive/systems Recover from BitLocker® encrypted drive
Get back your data from formatted drive or partition and save it on the desired location. Enter the BitLocker decryption key, scan the decrypted media and restore your data.


User-Interface & Functionality

It takes only a couple of minutes to install Stellar Data Recovery Free on a Windows PC. The user-interface is simple and easy-to-use. On the main interface, you can select the type of data you want to recover and then choose the location/drive or folder from where you have lost it. It emphasizes the custom scanning feature of this software. Multiple other features are also available that can be leveraged for software performance.

Performance & Efficiency

This free software is available with two scanning modes –Quick Scan & Deep Scan. The Quick scan mode scans everything from the drive/system at a faster pace. However, if the lost files or docs don’t show up in the quick scan mode, you may always switch to Deep Scan mode. The Deep scanning process consumes a lot of time however, but scans all deleted data.

It can recover a large amount of data simultaneously. The tool supports all file formats and you may sort your recovered data by file type, size, and location. You scan also use the search bar to search for a specific file.

Recover a large amount of data simultaneously!

It can recover a large amount of data simultaneously. The tool supports all file formats and you may sort your recovered data by file type, size, and location. You scan also use the search bar to search for a specific file.

Plans & Pricing

You can download and use Stellar Data Recovery Free software to scan and recover your lost data. This DIY data recovery tool can restore up to 1 GB lost data from Windows PCs and external storage devices. Apart from free version, there are five editions of this software that are paid and unlock several advanced features. You may compare and choose wisely.

Amazing Plans!


  • Retrieves all kinds of data
  • Custom scanning available for particular data recovery
  • ‘Add file’ feature to support all file formats
  • Preview files option for verifying the recovered files before saving
  • Recovery from formatted systems and drives
  • Data retrieval from BitLocker encrypted device


  • Recover data up to 1 GB only
  • Advanced features (corrupt drive recovery, bootable recovery drive, drive monitoring, etc.) are available with paid versions.

Do you know? Stellar has the best file eraser tool also which can wipe entire drive files beyond the scope of recovery. The name of the software is Bitraser file eraser and it is available for free for 30 day. You can use any feature of this software for a month without spending a single amount of money.

Final Verdict

Indeed, Stellar Data Recovery is a great free data recovery software with powerful features. In its simplest form, it allows users to get their data back from system or storage devices efficiently. Paid versions are also there. Anyone can visit the site and check out the features. Overall, the software’s impressive user-interface, efficiency, performance, and features surely make it a clear winner.