symptoms of wearing the wrong running shoe

There are endless guidelines we need to observe while buying the right pair of running shoes. Some of them are elegant ones, while many of them are best price shoes. According to shoesblast, Shoes might not be the primary focus when treating any medical disorder. but it can be a culprit of that disorder.


There are many types of shoes available in the market nowadays. but how do you know whether you are buying the right running shoes or not?

Below are the symptoms of telling you that you are wearing the wrong running shoes:

Using the same shoes for more than 200 miles

whether you a driver, a car owner or a sports man if you want to make your activity smooth, you must keep your things at full functionality just to keep the things updated. just like that if you want to get secured and stay safe from any king of lower legs pain then you must change your shoes after a while. If you have traveled more than 200 miles on the shoes. Then its the time to change your shoes.

Feet Pain

Whenever you are going to run on your running shoes you may experience a special kind of dictate. Shoes that are not much support to your foot may cause pain in the bottom of your foot.

this is the point where the wrong shoes will create an opportunity for the diseases to affect your body.

Plantar Fasciitis

this is one of the most common diseases that cause heel pain. it includes the inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot as seen it is commonly found in runners. People who are overweight and tend to use the wrong running shoes may be targeted by this disease.


a tendon is a tough band of dense fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone and can withstand tension and even can transmit mechanical forces to the skeletal system. It usually occurs when you wear the wrong shoe that allows you to roll inside after every step.


All types of foot diseases are usually caused by prolonged pressure on the foot. It is seen that whenever the shoes are extra tight or narrow or the supportive material inside the shoes is broken then the foot is harmed.

If you are facing any kind of these injuries, there are many chances that your shoes are rubbing on your toes in any kind of wrong way. Hence as described above these are the signs of high running shoes.


Many types of running shoes are available. After showings, all the reasons above you might be able to clarify why you are facing any kind of pain in your foot. Once you find the best pair of running shoes that works for you then you will stick with it. Remember not to hesitate to shift on any other option if necessary.