Suspect dies after lethal shooting and clash at Illinois motel

Recently, or news came out from Northern city of Rockford that one person was killed and 2 others bounded. This happened before barricaded suspected died by what appeared to be self-inflicted gunshot wound. The police also reported about it.

On Sunday, there was the best of violence at Super 8 Motel in Northern Illions and it was ended when one person killed and two other wounded. It’s devastating to see that how the suspect was inside the building dead of what happened to be self-inflicted gunshot. The authorities are being very sure about it.

When it comes to look at the miss happening happened, the shooting begin shortly and at the Midnight at the Motel. The Motel is on the class and drive in the city of Rockford. It is situated on the bank of river. And the suspect was engaged in a lot of stand of stuff with Police officers who are responded about the seen as the authorities have mentioned.

The chief of the police Dan’O Shea also mention in a statement that his team has responded to the initial shooting and officers discovered that two people with gunshot sounds are there. The third victim was pronounced deceased and also the found by begin treated in the hospital. The condition is not to till yet clear to anyone.

About the victims, no as such information is available and the suspect or a possible motive for the shooting will be going to release. It is not clear that if there was any other person in the Motel or not.

Now the investigation is going on and everyone is looking forward for the answer that will be going to come out considering to the same point but till yet, no answer is available with police and with other people. Moreover, as soon as the reports will be going to release by the authorities, we will get back to you with the answer for the where is you might be having right now.

Reported by Andoverleader