Modern Crew Cut Hairstyles for Guys

A typical crew cut has very shot faded hair on the sides and the back with longer hair on the top. The length of the hair on the top can vary but in most cases is not too long. From the sides and back, it can be tapered or a single length depending on the variation of the haircut. The crew-cut hair cut is known as the choice of hairstyle for the American University rowing teams. The crew cut requires little maintenance, although regular trimming from the sides and back might be required to keep the hair short. Typically, a crew cut requires a quick cut after every two weeks depending on the preference of the person.

How To Style A Crew Cut

A crew cut is achieved by buzzing the back and sides by a hair clipper. A hair clipper size 2 or size 4 is most commonly used for the side and back. There is the option to fading the transition from the top and the sides. The hair on the top is longer so most of the styling is done on the top. If the hair is thin, it is recommended to cut in the opposite direction to the natural hair growth pattern. This will give more volume and make for better styling of the hairstyle. The hair product best used for a crew can hairstyle is wax or gel preferably with a matte finish. These hair products are ideal for a more neat look. Keep in mind, if you go to short on the sides or back, you vulnerable to sunburn as a lot less hair covering the scalp.

Crew Cut Fade

This type of hairstyle is common in the military and if often referred to as the buzz cut. It is called a fade due to the tapering of the side and back. There is also the option of high fade or low fade, depending on the where the fade starts and ends. There is also the variation of the skin or bald fade. As the name suggests, with a bald fade, the taper starts from a complete bald shave or cut.  

Side Swept

This style can be either be worn with a neat look or a more messed-up look. What defines this hairstyle is that long hair on top is swept towards the side. This can be achieved by using hair products such as gel or wax to style them on side. Typically, this variation of the crew cut requires slightly longer hair on the top so that they can be styled towards the side. If the hair is too short, they would tend to stand straight up making it very difficult to style this hairstyle.

Brushed Up

If the side-swept hair cut is not for you, you can try the brushed up crew cut. It is like a short pomp look. This can be achieved by hair products or by the natural volume of the hair. Those lucky individuals with natural volume would enjoy this haircut. It will be low maintenance for them.


As the name suggests, this hairstyle does not blend the side or back to the top. There is a clear “disconnect” between the two. It provides a clear definition and visual appeal to the hair cut. The sides could either be bald or very short length. This hairstyle can work well for round faces as it gives more angular features to the face.