Donald Trump criticizes Barack Obama over the pandemic response

The coronavirus pandemic is creating a lot of problems all around. Recently, Barack Obama is claimed by US President Donald Trump. He mentioned that he is over criticizing the incubation administration which is going to handle the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. Moreover, they have also reported about the highest number of covid-19 cases and death in the world. Trump also mentioned that look at the man how the president is being incompetent.

Also he has mentioned that it is not acceptable by anyone. He also mention that he have not expected someone to be so irresponsible considered to the situation going on. Letter in a tweet, he also mention that Obama Administration is one of the most corrupt and incompetent in the US history. This has been reported by news agencies in Xinhua.

Also Trump claimed that Obama and his Vice President are the reason why he is in the White House. Moreover, the comments have been come after the issue of thin walled criticism of the Trump Administration and how they are looking forward to handle the problem going on. Moreover, in a private call with supporters earlier in this month, a lot of details was revealed by Obama calling that from administration coronavirus pandemic is an absolute chaotic disaster and no one will be going to accept it at all. He also mentions that things are not going as they have planned and things are not working in favor of any person. It is quite difficult for everyone to make things working in their favor and they are looking forward for the government to take the steps.

How these things are going on no one have expected. But now the statements which are coming from Obama and Trump are quite devastating for everyone.

Reported by Andoverleader