Surpassing the international quality of as Teman hand dish, the perfect interpretation of the fight against new forces!

For most musical instruments, from the initial invention to the final world-famous, almost all need to go through the baptism of a hundred years of history, such as Chinese Guqin, Pipa and Western piano, Cello and so on. Each of them has its own place in the track of history. However, in recent years, there is a musical instrument called “Hand pan“, which has been invented for only 20 years, but has won the favor of many fashionable young people all over the world.

hand pan was first introduced from Europe. With its unique ethereal, healing and mysterious timbre, it has been sought after by many music fans who are infatuated with ethereal rhythm and fall into meditation. However, due to its unique shape and the special attribute of pure hand-made tuning, each hand pan takes a long time to manufacture and has a low output, which leads to many hand pan lovers not buying it If you don’t, you’ll be deterred from its noble value.

In order to break the monopoly of handmade dishes in foreign markets, as Teman, a domestic handmade dish brand, plays an important role. From the initial simple imitation to now, it has hundreds of its own patents, As Teman has become the most popular hand dish brand in China with the most styles, the most novel appearance, the most complete product series, the most popular product design and the most well-known brand reputation by overcoming the technical barriers and independent R & D in process and tuning, and relying on the industry-leading surface heat treatment technology and tuning technology of musical instruments.

Cai Xiaojin, the founder of the brand, studied classical percussion with Wang Xiaojing, President of Guangdong percussion Association in his early years. Later, he was taught by Tim GNIS, Professor of percussion at Boston University, Jack van geems, Professor of percussion at San Francisco Conservatory of music, and Nacy, a famous percussion musician at Boston Conservatory of music.


While studying abroad, I found that domestic musical instruments are basically monopolized by foreign musical instruments, and the reputation of domestic musical instruments can be described as very poor in foreign countries. After being hit, I began to establish as Teman musical instrument brand, and encouraged people all over the world to use Chinese musical instruments. Therefore, the first brand name of as is inEnglish.

As Teman has a young and energetic team. After just two years of talent accumulation and development, it has built as into a national product in the handmade dish market. Every hand dish is made with the painstaking efforts of the as team. They firmly believe that the musical instruments made by Chinese people can also stand on the top of the world.

All along, as Teman has never forgotten the original intention of brand creation. Compared with the expensive price of handplate abroad, as Teman has gradually made handplate a kind of healing artifact for ordinary families with superior quality, suitable price and unique style. In just two years, it has become a shining star of musical instrument enthusiasts in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

In addition, in order to promote the development of the industry, as Teman and Xinghai Conservatory of music will hold a national hand disc teacher training and certification activity once a year, gradually forming a professional and systematic hand disc training project, which will open a new chapter for the development of Chinese hand disc culture and give various choices for hand disc lovers in the future!

They welcome wholesalers, retailers and franchisees from all over the world to contact us for cooperation. we could explore any kind of cooperation making or selling the handpan

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