Spin the Wheel: What’s the Best Way to Award Prizes?

Are you by any chance wishing to run a retro spin wheel giveaway? Before, you do get started, it is very much important that you take some time to contemplate and come up with a good strategy that you can be able to implement for marketing purposes so that you can be able to generate engagement.

From the daily discounts to the free gifts offered to everyone, instant win games to the grand prize draws, in this guide you will most certainly be able to learn and understand everything that you are most certainly in need to comprehend regarding designing a prize spin wheel that is indeed a perfect one.

Below are some the best ways in which you can be able to award prizes in the spin the wheel games.


Two ways to award prizes with a Spin the Wheel game

The application of spin the wheel game prizes of easy promos will most certainly be able to offer you with two alternatives that you are very much capable of using whenever you are handing out prizes. You are very much capable of giving away prizes by the means of probability or you are very much capable of opting to give out the prizes with the Instant Win. It is certainly crucial for you to learn and comprehend the dissimilarities between the two so that you are pretty much capable of choosing the alternative that is a much better one for your followers

So what do these two alternatives actually mean?

  • Award prizes by probability

With this alternative of awarding prizes through probably, you technically give away prizes on the basis of a mathematical calculation of the possibilities. This is certainly a good idea if by any chance you do have lots of small prizes that you intend to give away. For instance, if by any chance your prize on your spin the wheel games possess about twenty section with about 14 possible reward and 6 slots that are empty, then there is a percentage probability of about 60% of an individual to be able to actually win the price and a percentage probability of 30% of the same person being able to get an empty section that has no prize at all. Therefore, 7 out of a total 10 players would most probably get a prize.

2) Award prizes with Instant Win

Whenever you set up this option of awarding prizes through instant win give away, each of the prize is usually awarded at a particular time, which is usually chosen by you in advance. Therefore, the users are actually indulging in two games of the spin the wheel, even if by any chance they do not come into a realization of it. Initially, they spin the will so that they can be able to find which of the prize they could most probably be able to win. Then, the instant win dynamic usually decides whether or not they are able to get the prize, on the basis of the timing.