SpellQuiz: Full Guideline about SpellQuiz

What is SpellQuiz?

SpellQuiz is an online spelling quiz platform and vocabulary tester which gives students possibilities to learn and exercise spelling words. SpellQuiz includes spelling words for every grade based on difficulty so that students can be in an appropriate way without being overwhelmed. Student progress is tracked and student reports are presented to teachers. SpellQuiz is also available for teachers and parents. With monthly and annual subscriptions, a 14-day trial is available for free.

SpellQuiz spell is not just for teenagers, everyone of any age can benefit from lessons presented. SpellQuiz helps students reach their dreams. Its high level of vocabulary helps high school students to become productive, sincere people in any field. However, SpellQuiz does now not fake to be a solution to all troubles students and educators face; it can assist in a very specific region—potential to apply English for fulfillment. SpellQuiz can also help adults increase their vocabulary to improve their earning ability.

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SpellQuiz helps with the help of its modules designed to keep pace with learner’s pace, adult learners can progress fast or slowly. Even better they could do it within the comfort of their own home. Of course, it is not a matter of haste to learn how to spell correctly.

Spelling bees can be a self-belief booster for young men and women, and they’ll appear forward to their participation with satisfaction. No longer only do they gain valuable confidence, but in addition, they build their vocabulary, English comprehension capabilities, and the capability to read and retain information. They may be getting ready for the future.


SpellQuiz can help these students feel their dreams of success. Its spelling modules include spelling bee words that are appropriate for their classification. The use of these spelling modules will help them to better prepare to face any challenge in the future.

SpellQuiz can be included right into the home school syllabus to increase literacy guidance but does not give a complete education. It concentrates on spelling, and that’s what we do exceptionally. Its program is designed to complement an existing education so it doesn’t offer materials for studying or other topics.


How often should we do each exercise?

It is the feature of the SpellQuiz that it can be done at your child’s speed. Education should not be seen as an attempt to ‘one size fits all’, however sadly the classrooms are getting an increasing number of standardized, forcing students to adhere to these ethical guidelines. Descend which has nothing to do with real learning. At SpellQuiz, it understands that every student is different and it provides all its students with the freedom to progress as slowly or as quickly as they need to.

How can I sign up?

To subscribe, surely go to the ‘subscription’ page on SpellQuiz website and select the type of subscription you would like. After filling in a brief form and setting up your account, you will have complete access to SpellQuiz resources.

Features of SpellQuiz:

Purpose of SpellQuiz is to revolutionize English language learning experience. It provides a very customizable, self-paced learning experience focused on being fun and intuitive.

There are many features of SpellQuiz but I will tell you some of those:

  1. Created by means of masterminds.

SpellQuiz’s spelling lessons have been developed by a team of elite linguists from the U.S and Canada. These gurus have also classified these words according to their level of difficulty.

  1. Spell sessions by grade.

SpellQuiz developed its spelling lessons to match learners’ cognitive abilities. K-12 students, as well as adults, can benefit from lessons.

SpellQuiz program for classifying words between grade level standards gives the best framework for students to stress and learn to spell.

  1. Vocabulary Level Identification.

Everyone doesn’t have an identical level of vocabulary. SpellQuiz’s word test tool will understand your present vocabulary level in less than 10 minutes.


  1. Self-Tailored Learning.

A learner can design and observe any gaining knowledge of pattern in step with one’s desire – you’ve completely managed over your getting to know speed and planning.

  1. Spelling Bee Preparation.

SpellQuiz has developed advanced practice sessions that vary regularly to prepare students for highly competitive spelling bee competitions.

  1. Dictation typing spelling.

Instead of giving word lists, SpellQuiz applies dictation-based learning. This will simultaneously enhance the learner’s listening, typing and spelling skills.

  1. Keeping track of developments.

By practicing through the SpellQuiz program, learners can track their efforts by quantitative parameters such as total effort, mastered words, periods’, and smart score through.

  1. Free Trial.

You can take the overall capability of SpellQuiz with a premium subscription. To get a glimpse of the superior experience, you can enjoy a free trial of our premium membership.