People use various types of spam filters to prevent unwanted emails from hitting their inboxes. Every single email goes through the filters to get its content checked.

  • The spam test

The spam filter checks a variety of things related to the email ensuring that it meets the minimum requirement. And if they do not meet the requirement, then the filter will flag them as spam and move them to the spam folder. The spam test carries an analysis on the process similar to this and lets you know whether the email passed or failed the test. 

  • Measuring the success of spam test

The spam test will show the copy of your element and the filter will interpret it as spam. Every single filter is different from the other, from using a variety of scores and waiting for assigning a spam rank for their email. After the spam test, you will receive the result, and once you have, that you will be able to make changes so that the email campaigns are less likely to get blocked by any spam filters.

It is vital to remember that email content is one of the factors that influence inbox placement. There are chances that you might pass the spam test and yet land in the spam folder due to a low sender reputation.

Whenever you send an email to anyone, it influences your sender’s reputation also the success of the deliverability of the email. But if you continue sending the email with blocked and spam content, then your reputation will suffer. Keep tracks of all your email for spam content while taking measures to reduce the same and monitoring your content with the engagement of the audience will help your email to have a safe landing in the inbox.

Evaluation of spam content such as

  • Words that are mostly written in capital letters
  • Usage of spam terminology and the list of spam words
  • Subject with too long and too short lines
  • Amount of exclamation used in the content
  • Typical long and wordy email content
  • Image only emails

If you have subscribers, then you must have content that keeps them engaged and not turning yourself land into spam. Allow yourself with a spam test to understand the standard of your email. It wouldn’t take long for the subscribers to unsubscribe, so make sure your emails make you worth for the subscribers. Use the spam test to remove the content blocks, and you might just increase your chances of placing yourself in the inbox.

Modern inboxes are better at detecting and preventing spam and all unwanted emails to the users’ inboxes. Running spam tests will help in enabling the understanding of the take of email content quality. You may also try testing with the contents and checking where the contents land. And if the email lands in your inbox then there is a chance that you have passes the spam filter.

It takes time to build subscribers, and this makes it more important to maintain a healthy relation with them. To take the spam test and focus on active engagers can help in building the prevention of blocks and allowing the increased possibility of inbox placement.


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