Six Excellent Traditional Albanian Dishes

Albanian cuisine has always been very influenced by nearby culinary cultures, so much so that it is often considered as a mix between Mediterranean, Balkan and Ottoman cuisine.

Be that as it may, the real identity crisis of Albanian gastronomy came after the communist era, during the transition years. Globalization, including mass emigration and chaotic industrialization of the food sector, currently represents the greatest challenge of Albanian cuisine. Albania is recreating its Traditional Albanian Dishes in a modern form but based on ancient traditions, rediscovering the roots of the kitchen again, revitalizing them, and relying on the local product. In Albania there are chefs, who are working following this philosophy, but this community is too small, but today tourisminalbania wants to offer you the list of six dishes absolutely to try during a stay in Albania.

1. Fërgesë

This simple dish ends up being one of the favorite dishes for the lunch meal. Red peppers, peeled tomatoes and onions that are cooked with ricotta and spices. The final product is a thick sauce, which when accompanied with a little bread actually becomes quite abundant. There is also the variant of the city of Tirana Fërgesë me mëlçi – Liver with ricotta and you can find the recipe on internet if you want to try at home

2. Tavë Kosi

Albanian food is known for its lamb and veal, and tavë kosi is one of the country’s most loved dishes. Lamb is cooked in an earthenware dish with eggs and yogurt: the end result is a dish similar to a quiche, with tender meat and a light and creamy egg coating.

3. Qofte – Albanian fried meatballs

The Qofte in Albania are mainly meatballs. Often, in the best qebaptore they appear as small sausages, they are called Qofte zgare and they are something that I miss terribly, and  you can find an online recipe to try at home

4. Speça të mbushur – Stuffed peppers

Yellow, orange or red peppers stuffed with rice, ricotta and spices, before being cooked in the oven. One of the Traditional Albanian dishes, rich in flavor and also quite healthy. The variant of peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables are a truly inviting and substantial dish, to be savored with taste even if cold.

5. Byrek

Byrek is one of the most classic Albanian dishes and it is very easy to find it in various forms and with fillings of all kinds throughout the country.

6. Shëndetlie

This honey cake is a typical Albanian dessert, and it is also very popular. It is made with the usual cake ingredients but what sets it apart is the addition of honey and nuts. In addition, when the dessert is ready, hot syrup made with vanilla, water and cloves is poured over the cake and left to soak overnight

This list of top foods in Albania is obviously not exhaustive. The small country will impress you mostly when it comes to its cuisine. Your short trip will certainly not be enough to try all the food delicacies of the area. However, tourisminalbania hope that this article will help you recognize some of the must-have food products. During your trip, don’t forget to grab a bite of these scrumptious and delicious dishes.