3 ways for teenagers to become popular

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Today’s world is ruled by social media. Even though everyone knows it is a dangerous place in which you have to be very cautious, it can also be very beneficial in many ways and teenagers, in particular, know pretty well how to benefit from it.

Becoming a social media star is one of the most desired dreams amongst children and teenagers. From a very young age, parents lend their mobile phones to their babies just to keep their mouth shut and so they become addict to technology and social media. This is one of the main reasons why today’s teenagers are so reliant on new technologies. They grow up watching their favorite TikTok stars and YouTubers and once they notice they can make a living out of it they start daydreaming.

Social media can be a really toxic place because YouTubers and social media stars show off all the luxuries they own and how allegedly perfect their lives are. That makes teenagers idealize this world, but the truth is nothing is perfect and reaching the summit in this particular field is really really hard. Humbleness is now needed more than ever before.

However, today’s social media platforms make this path a little bit easier and more accessible to everyone but so much hard work and effort needs to be put into it in order to achieve your dreams. Here are three ways for teenagers to promote themselves and start becoming what they always have dreamed of and some tips for growing in these platforms.

Social networking

The first option might be the easiest one. We are talking about apps such as Instagram or TikTok in which it is as simple as to take your mobile phone and start recording. That’s it. We all know about those TikTokers who went from rags to riches in just a few months for making hilarious videos. And you can be the next TikTok star if you plan it well.

But as we said, nothing is easy and not specially social media. Although it may seem quite easy to grab your phone, take a selfie and post it on Instagram or learn a dance and post it on TikTok, these kinds of app require more habilitates than simple knowledge.

First of all, not every content is appropriate and marketing plans need to be applied in order to grow. For example, who do you want to make content for? Or in other words: define your target in order to plan your content. That is the most important element for you to start making content. Secondly, physical appearance and identity are also very strong points. I would dare say most of the TikTok stars are gorgeous but there are two sides for this story. Either you are gorgeous or you focus on your personal identity, talent and sense of humor and work hard to reach the summit. Everything is possible.

As you see, the only thing you have to do if you want to carve out a place in this industry is to work hard and study (yeah, even for social media. Knowledge is the most precious thing in the world)

Streaming platforms

The second option might be a little harder than the first one because of the software it requires but it is not anything excessive. YouTube is the most famous streaming platform and the most approachable one, but there are many others. YouTubers have become a major movement, becoming a multi-millionaire industry with lots of followers all around the world and whose salaries can be astronomical.

The only thing you need to become a YouTuber is a camera -it can be a profesional one or just your mobile phone to start- a computer and internet connection. But yet again, it is not that easy. You need to create quality content, following a script or a structure to keep the viewer interested all the time, with great editing, good lighting and of course promotion. You need to use other social media platforms to promote your content. Without promotion no one will see your video. So once again, hard work is needed, a little bit more here than in the previous category.

YouTube is an amazing place. You can share whatever you want it will always find its public. Not everyone has the same tastes and some have kind of weird ones. People in YouTube look for a more functional approach videos such as tutorials, reviews or unboxings but there are other people who also use YouTube to have fun, to kill the time or for pleasure. Think about the ASMR phenomenon or the crazy beauty industry built in Youtube. The stronger and most famous channels are mainly for leisure purposes. You can find anything in this platform and someone needs to create new content. You can create anything there! So start creating and post it there to achieve your dreams!


Nowadays magazines have been another great social phenomenon. Most of them are online-based magazines with a wide range of topics discussion: from fashion to gaming and many other fields, and some feature great celebrities. You can also find your place here and become one of those celebrities.

One such example is Vanity Teen Menswear Magazine. It is a printed and online magazine with talks about a wide range of categories with a common linker: teenage life. They talk about fashion, styling, music, gaming and many other topics with exclusive interviews to celebrities and stunning photoshoots. Teenage life is an infinite universe and this magazine tries to explore the maximum options possible.

There are many other options of online magazines who are constantly looking for new faces and collaborations for photoshoots and editorials, for copywriting or design matters. You just have to contact them through their mail and if they are interested they will reach out to you, so there are always open possibilities!

There are infinite ways of becoming popular if you are really interested in starting in the social media world and hard work is the key. Today we have these amazing tools that entertain us but also which bring us the possibility of working in a fun and creative way. There are many many options out there and the internet full of opportunities. Making good use of it can be a life-changing experience but we need to be aware of the risks it may have.

And always remember, sky is the limit.


Written by:

Adrian Gomis