Are you sure that your drinking water is safe? What if you are drinking unsafe water at your homes and offices? Probably not gonna work for your health, the recent statistics prove that unsafe drinking water could wreak havoc on your health.

Getting rid of hard water is likely to be a healthy step towards your lifestyle, you’ll notice that the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing would last for longer.

So this post is intended to arouse the awareness about your drinking water, is it safe or not? There are many ways to ensure the quality of your water, you could check that your drinking water is legit safe or vice versa.

Don’t feel stuck because enlisted are simple ways to figure out whether your drinking water is safe or unsafe.

So what are the ways to help you out which are worth the effort,

Call Your Water Company

Take a start by calling your water company and inquire them about the toxicity levels present in your drinking water. It is quite better to ask them because you don’t even know about the level of contaminants.

Make sure that the drinking water is cruelty-free.  Water companies in the US issue a yearly report called Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

You can see check the levels of contaminants in the consumer confidence report. After encountering this report you can react accordingly.

This report is expected to be out in July accompanied by the water bill.

However, if you have some doubts regarding the water quality you can still reach them out by requesting a copy. It is quite necessary to check on it.

Being honest with you guys, this is still a way to check but usually it doesn’t help that much.

Check Your Dishes And Silverware

The best way to find whether your house has hard water in its plumbing or not is to check your dishes.

Yes, you could just see your silverware, dishes, and kitchen accessories, if they have some chalky stains on them then I’m afraid you have hard water.

This chalky scummy layer stays there unless a water softener isn’t employed at your house, you can check water softeners here.

This hard water isn’t good for you as well, because it has a hell of excessive mineral ions in it.


If you are thirsty, what you’ll do? Of course, you will grab a glass of water, what if you see some sediments in your glass of water. Don’t drink the water because it is unhealthy for you.

These unusual particles commonly called sediments should be ignored right away.

Water is usually drawn from the ground so it carries other particles as well, your water supplier prevents these sediments to give you healthy drinking water.

Call a professional to fix the rupture of your plumbing or reach to your water suppliers for these irregularities.

Check With the National Drinking Water Database

National Drinking Water Database is responsible to issue a report which states the detailed chemical reviews of your drinking water, it also unveils the exceeded chemical elements in your drinking water.

This agency can also verify the existence of harmful elements in your drinking water.

These Databases help you to check your water is safe or unsafe, check the PBB (parts per billion) number. If the number is low then it’s a positive indication that your water is safe and chemical-free.

The State-Certified Laboratory

If you doubt that your water supply company is unreliable, biased and the performance is not up to the mark and they are being untruthful, then you can just call a certified laboratory. Ask them out to carry a water test for you.

Check For Unusual Smells

Check your drinking water, if it smells bad then you have a chance to check why this happened. If you notice any kind of difference in your drinking water’s smell or color, then guys it’s an alarm that your water is contaminated.

If your water smells like rotten eggs then something is fishy going on in your pipes, you gotta check it soon. Otherwise sulfur can cause the serious ailment to your stomach.

Commercial Test Kits

There are some commercial test kits to test your drinking water, these kits are quite affordable and it can be purchased from any store around you. The two most popular commercial test kits are PurTest and Discover Testing.

There is a minor drawback of these kits, they can’t just be tested for every found contaminant. These commercial testing kits could only detect lead, pesticides, lead, and bacteria.

Using Water Ionizers

If you find your water (especially the tap water) is not clear, pure and safe enough to drink, you can use most popular water ionizers in the United States. As according to, A water ionizer, which is also known as an alkaline ionizer, is a home appliance that claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.


If hard water is a prolonged issue of your house then say goodbye to hard water and welcome water softeners to your house.

Keep an eye on the contaminants as well and reach out to any of the above-mentioned ways to keep yourself healthy.


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