and iDenfy Join hands to Help Property Owners Screen Potential Tenants Remotely is taking off all the burden of property owners about identity verification. With the help of an identity verification solution provided by iDenfy, the firm verifies the identity, payment, and credit history of potential tenants.

Kaunas, Lithuania (September 17, 2023) – is a Poland-based technology firm making the tenant verification process quick and straightforward. The company verifies whether the tenant is who they say they are, and they are showing real identity documents. Not only it saves a headache, but also the time and money of landlords. uses iDenfy’s identity verification solution to conduct verification about prospective tenants. Apart from identity verification, the company carries out verification about tenants’ financial condition and payment history. The aim is to help property owners choose renters who are genuine and capable of paying bills on time. creates a complete tenant profile within a few minutes, enabling property owners to decide whether the prospective tenant is the right fit for their property. And all this happens remotely with the comfort of homes and offices. This screening process is beneficial for tenants as well because they don’t have to hand over their crucial information to property owners. Furthermore, since verification happens online, tenants don’t have to meet property managers or owners face-to-face to verify their identity only. 

iDenfy, a renowned identity-verification solution provider, offers a robust, real-time identity verification solution that enables tenants to undergo a smooth verification process. The good thing is that tenants can complete their identification checks on a mobile or desktop computer. iDenfy offers ML (machine learning)-enabled identity verification solution that combines face recognition, ID verification, and liveness detection. 

We are really satisfied with our partnership with iDenfy. Our customers love the simplicity of our user experience, and they frequently cite the ease of the identity verification process as one of the key contributors to this. The landlords who use our product can also immediately see the value in clearly seeing if a tenant is who they claim to be, without storing any sensitive data themselves. I’m excited to see this partnership grow as we become the de facto tenant verification service in the Polish market“, said, Tom Littler, Chief Product Officer,   

iDenfy, on the other hand, is also very pleased with this partnership. Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, says, “We feel proud that we are into partnership with, and we firmly believe that our advanced identity verification solutions will help them provide their customers with a great experience.” He further says, “we will offer all the available identity verification solutions so that they can win the trust of more property managers and landlords across Poland.

The partnership between and iDenfy manifests that quick and in-depth tenant verification is possible without meeting property managers physically in this pandemic.


About iDenfy

iDenfy‘s goal is to turn a customer’s device into an ID scanning and face recognition system that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC and AML requirements. Real-time ID scanning and face verification are applied on websites and mobile applications, helping reduce risk and minimize fraud for online transactions. This enables customers to perform daily operations from their home instead of going to service centers, where a company needs many cost-ineffective employees. Also, it avoids the costly and time-consuming process of manual documentation required for submission and verification.

It was founded in 2016 at Kaunas University Technology Park by two childhood friends. Company in 2018 at Lithuania was awarded as Startup of the Year. iDenfy provides real-time identity verification service for financial, sharing-economy, gambling industries.

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