A Guide To Shipping Your Pet To A New Address Abroad

A Guide To Shipping Your Pet To A New Address Abroad

Relocating your family abroad can be a complicated and tedious process, especially if you are bringing your fur kids along with you. Overseas animal transport can be a complicated and costly process and should be undertaken after careful research. There are many factors to consider in moving with pets. Different countries have different rules and regulations related to animal transport. It’s easy to feel overly stressed out when it comes to shipping pets overseas, which is why it makes sense to consider a reliable pet transport service to help manage all the complicated details.

Here’s what you should know about shipping your beloved pet to a new address abroad:

1. Country Import Requirements

Every country has different import requirements, so do your research to find out more about the process.

2. Your Pet’s Vaccination Status

Check with your vet to find out your pet’s vaccine status so that you can start to plan accordingly. Your dog or cat will most likely need to have an updated rabies vaccine and some countries require that your pet get additional vaccines.

3. Travel Crate / Carrier

You will be required to get an airline-approved travel crate or carrier for your pet. This means you’ll have to hunt for one with the right size and train your pet to get used to spending time in it before the big day.

4. Microchip

Most countries of the European Union and a growing number of countries around the world now require dogs, cats, and ferrets to be implanted with a microchip transponder, which identifies them and can be linked to vaccination and health certificates you file when entering the country. Ensure that you get the right microchip for the country where you will be relocating to since the radio frequencies and encryption codes vary.

5. Check Your Timeline

As soon as your approximate move date is confirmed, you can start to build a timeline for your pet’s travel preparations. International pet transport usually requires at least 1-3 months of planning time, but if you’re going to Australia, New Zealand or other rabies-free nation, you will probably need at least six months to get your pet ready.


Many people choose to hire a pet courier or relocation service to handle the safe transportation of their pets. Their expertise can be helpful in ensuring your furry friends have a stress-free journey. From temperature-controlled transport to pet-friendly airlines and custom crates, a good pet courier should know the best way for your pets to travel in comfort. By hiring professionals who specialize in handling safe pet travel logistics, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your pet will be in good hands and you’ll have more time to focus on your own move logistics.

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All the best in your relocation abroad!