Short poker etiquette tips

Have you ever heard the word ‘dick’ while playing poker? It is used when other players think that you have done something that is in bad taste or form. Something at bandarq that is considered to be a bad poker etiquette. It might not be your fault or the other player’s. There are several etiquette rules that you might not know until you break them.  Players come from different walks of life, and one player’s dick move might be an excellent gesture to another.


The following are some of the essential poker etiquettes that you need to know about as you prepare to play poker.

You should avoid talking trash in the chatbox

There are several reasons you have to follow this etiquette. Typing something that is trash in the chat logically is wrong. It is bad karma.  Something that will come haunting you later on. If you were playing in a live poker room, will you have that courage to stand in the middle of the room and say the words you just typed in the chatbox?

You will not because you will be scared you will be beaten up. Another thing is that you wouldn’t want your name to be associated with talking trash.  To get involved in a chat box is a distraction and thus, if you’re going to concentrate on the game, turn it off.

Avoid calling other players names or criticizing them

It is all for your benefit as much it is for the other person. When you call other people names or telling them that they played their hands poorly, it makes you look bad. And in case you happen to lose, it makes you look like a bad loser.

When you berate other players, it also works against you because you will only win more when you play against weaker players. When you criticize them, they will be encouraged to leave, and then, you will have to face the professionals, and you will lose miserably.

Avoid slowing the roll

A slow roll refers to when you have the best hand during the showdown. But instead, you try to show off, acting as if you are not sure of what you are supposed to do. Act as if you are in significant pain as if the decision is death and life to you.

And then you proudly flip the hand. It is faking, making others believe that they have the best hands. It somehow stalls the poker game. And it is viewed as bragging. And it can be referred to as a massive dick move.

Act as if you are out of turn

Since online poker is run by software, this applies to live poker. When you act out of turn is where there are people who are supposed to act before you, but you work before they do. You go ahead and make a bet, or you decide to call out what you are supposed to do.

At times it happens by mistake, and thus, it might not be taken as a big deal.  But it becomes a bad etiquette when you make it a habit when you try doing it to angle shoot other players.