Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Stop You from Success


Social media marketing has become the bread and butter of online marketing. However, companies that invest in social media often receive mixed results. While some observe a sharp rise in traffic, others get only a handful of customers. If you’re wondering why this happens, chances are that you have experienced a similar fate. Social media marketing is as effective as difficult, at least during the early stages. Let’s take a look at some of the more common mistakes in social media marketing, as discussed by Mark Roemer Oakland. Without further ado, here is what you should not do in social media marketing.

The Mistakes

  1. Marketing Strategy- You probably have read about this a hundred times, perhaps because of how important it is to have one. Every ship needs a navigator, or they end up floating for eternity.

The chief reason you need a strategy is to double down on your audience. You see, there are billions of people, each with their unique preferences. Not all of them share a similar vision. Even if you receive tons of traffic during the first few weeks, they will go away if you don’t have a vision.

Every Fortune 500 company shares a vision. They aren’t selling a product, rather an idea or a dream that people believe, and your social media strategy must discuss it in detail. Curate your content, choose your audience, create an idea and try to infuse it in your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Key Performance Indicator (KPI)- Analytics can be deceiving. After releasing a campaign, instead of focusing on how many shares you’re getting, concentrate on what matters. Social shares are a great thing and often can be a good indicator. But what you should be looking for are sales. Has there been an increase in sales since the campaign? If yes, then by how much?

In addition to social shares and engagement, a successful marketing campaign also converts and ensures higher revenues.

  1. Negative feedbacks- The interest is like a pile of dried up leaves. All it takes is a spark to turn it into a blazing inferno. You surely have read about viral news becoming worldwide sensations in a matter of hours. It’s true that negative feedback doesn’t look good in your review section. But scrapping them is not the best way to handle the situation.

If you receive a negative comment where someone is dissatisfied with your services, address the issue. Instead of apologizing or ignoring the comment, use the opportunity to engage with your audience, and assure them of better services in the upcoming days. Now, not only do you address the issues, but improve your reputation as a brand that listens to their customers.

  1. Choose your Ground- Every social media platform is unique. Twitter excels in shorter posts not exceeding 140 characters, while Instagram is more visually appealing, and LinkedIn is best for B2B businesses.


You need to take advantage of your strength and choose a platform that is predominated by your niche. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, avoiding these mistakes is a step in the right direction. So, improve your social media marketing mistakes by following the tips listed above