Selecting the Right Style of Women’s Robe

While a bathrobe is an excellent gift for nearly any occasion, how do you go about selecting just the right one when there are so many styles available?

Men, in particular, often have a difficult time picking the ideal women silk robes for their wife or girlfriend. Here are some pointers to help you decide.

The Stylish Woman: a Luxury Bathrobe

If your gift recipient is a lady who is concerned with wearing the latest fashions and always appears in public with every hair in place and her makeup just so, consider gifting her with a luxury bathrobe.

Stay away from ordinary materials such as terry and opt, instead, for high thread count cotton or microfiber such as you might find in a spa robe. The thicker and heavier the fabric, the more luxurious it will feel on her body. A shawl collar is a timeless and classy style.

The Environmentalist: an Eco-Friendly Robe

For the woman who is an avid recycler, is concerned about the environment, and buys only eco-friendly products, the best type of robe may be one which is made out of an alternative fabric, such as hemp. Raw silk or waffle cotton, with their reliance on renewable sources for production, are also good options.

Since this female is probably a bit more casual in dress, you might want the style of her bathrobe to be casual as well. Look for a hooded bath robe with deep pockets or an unstructured fit in a kimono-style robe.

The Athletic Woman: a Versatile Bath Robe

If your woman prefers a game of tennis or a swim as opposed to a day at the spa for a manicure, her style of robe will need to be more versatile. A toweling bathrobe, made out of terrycloth which readily absorbs moisture, is always a good bet.

As well, find a robe in a shorter length. This allows her to wear it for a variety of occasions – at the gym, to and from the Jacuzzi, or as a light wrap over her pajamas.

The Antique Lover: Vintage Style

Any woman who loves combing antique shops looking for unique finds from a bygone era will surely enjoy receiving a robe that mirrors this style. You don’t necessarily have to find a true vintage robe. Many designers offer bathrobes in old-fashioned styles.

Some things to look for are an empire waist, an A-line skirt, sheer fabrics combined with silk or satin, and lots of lace embellishments. These women’s bathrobes are the ultimate in femininity.

Hopefully this guide will give bathrobe shoppers a good idea of what to look for to best please their gift recipient. No matter her style, there is a woman’s robe which will be just the perfect one for the lady in your life.

If you are a woman, you may need a stylish yet comfortable robe. As a matter of fact, women’s robes provide comfort and warmth. You can use them in place of a towel, especially robes that are made from cotton. You can also put them on before going to bed or performing errands in the morning. This guide lets you know how to buy women’s robes.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing that you need to consider when making this purchase decision. As a matter of fact, the absorbency, touch, feel and weight of the clothing is based on the fabric. Different fabrics are used for the purpose of making robes like satin, cotton, warm cashmere and microfiber, just to name a few. Given below are the benefits of different types of fabric for robes.


Microfiber is made using the latest process of manufacturing. Actually, the size of the fabric is around 6% of the size of a human hair, which means that the fiber is quite thinner.

Microfiber is lightweight than the synthetic or natural fiber. Aside from this, it is more breathable and has higher water absorption ability. They are ideal for lounging and works well throughout the year.