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The global epidemic caused by Novel Coronavirus is taking toll on our life. Every country in the world is affected by this deadly virus and finding vaccines to combat against this deadly virus. As per WHO recommendation, washing hands regularly, staying back at home quarantine and wearing face mask is necessary to stop spreading of this deadly virus. When it comes to face mask, N95 mask is always preferred option and based on this technology SafeBreath Pro face mask is designed. SafeBreath Pro is the medical grade face mask that is designed to keep you protected from the deadly viruses, bacteria and harmful chemicals present in air. 


This is the face mask that keeps you protected from inhaling the harmful chemicals and viruses presented in air. It filters out the viruses and provides you only safe and clean air to breathe. This face mask is designed to fit all faces and shapes snugly and offer complete coverage and protection for your nose and mouth. It will cover the entire nose and mouth snugly and keep filtering the air that you breathe in. The face mask is washable that means you can reuse it after washing it properly. Moreover, the adjustable band allows you to snugly wear the mask whenever you go out of your house. 

What Exactly is SafeBreath Pro?

SafeBreath Pro is the advanced medical grade, anti-pollution face mask that is designed to filter out the air pollutants including pathogens, bacteria and viruses. It filters out all harmful chemicals and delivers you cleaner and safe air to breathe always. The face mask is designed to offer complete protection and coverage for your nose and mouth and it comes with dual built-in protective valves and this ensure that the no clean air can escape through leakage. 

SafeBreath Pro is designed using advanced nanotechnology technology to filter out the contaminated air larger than PM2.5. This face mask comprises of skin friendly and medical grade fabric and it is developed by experts using the medical grade polypropylene. It also comprises an active carbon layer and reinforcement layer to filter out the contaminants from air like bacteria and viruses. 

Highlights of SafeBreath Pro

  • SafeBreath Pro is designed to fit snugly over your face and provide coverage for entire face and nose. Moreover, it is very easy to wear over your face and it never causes any suffocation or shortness of breath.
  • This face mask is very light in weight and it never causes irritation when wearing it for prolonged period of time. It is compact is size and easy to carry
  • SafeBreath Pro protects the users from bacteria, germs and viruses by filtering it out and delivering you clean air to breathe in always. It is effective in preventing allergens, pollutants and dust. 
  • It helps in filtering the dust and allergens including the smoke particles and pollens using the PM 2.5 filteration
  • It uses activated carbon filtration that can remove impurities and contaminants from air
  • The face mask uses advanced dual micro filter technology that works to filter out all sedimentary particles from air         

How to Wear SafeBreath Pro?

The process is very simple and easy and you will find no difficulty in wearing the face mask. You simply need to take the face mask out from its package and put it over your mouth and nose and use the adjustable band to adjust the size of the face mask. Put the band behind your ears and see if it snugly fits over your face. 

Ensure that there is no leakage available. You need to cover your entire nose and mouth with the face mask to stay protected. 

Is There Any Harm to Wear SafeBreath Pro?

No, there is no harm in wearing SafeBreath Pro for prolonged period of time. It is designed with medical grade fabric that will never make your feel suffocated or irritated when wearing it for long hours. You are required to wash the face mask after every use and ensure that it is completely dry before wearing it for next time. 

Where to Order SafeBreath Pro?

Ordering of SafeBreath Pro is only possible online as it is not available at any retail store offline. So, visit its official website to place order for this face mask.