Process to Download Android USB Drivers (Android Device Driver)


For exchanging files between system (PC or Laptop) and android devices , there should be a compatibility between these two. If they are not compatible then you will not be able to do the exchange of the files.

This is where Android USB drivers comes into play. Android USB driver is an app  that help you in connecting your device with your computer when your device is not compatible with connecting with your PC. Once it established compatibility, you can enjoy a lot of features like data management and contact information management. Along with data transferring, it also plays a crucial role in tethering, backup, rooting an android data recovery etc

For those who are confused how to perform download and instal, Techaarvi has brought a handy guide which will tell you everything from the scratch. Follow the guide step by step to perform the process hassle-free.


These are the list of things that you need to have before starting the process of downloading and installation. Have a look into it:

  • Download the drives which are compatible with your Android device
  • A USB cable.
  • A Windows PC or laptop

Downloading Process:

The downloading process is a very simple and you don’t need to be tech genius for this. Search for driver over the internet and download the same. You will get different options there, Find the drive that suit you and is easy to download on your window. Once you are done click on the download and follow all instruction that you get on the site. There will rarely be a chance that you will face any issue.

Installation of Android USB drivers on Windows

Once you have downloaded the drivers, the next step is to install them on windows. Follow the steps mentioned below to install this hassle free.

Step 1:  Extract the archive file driver in your computer

Step 2:  Connect the Android to PC

Step 3: Once connected to Android, navigate to the properties of “my computer”

Step 4: Click on device manager

Step 5: After that, find the phone it will probably be located on different devices. Change the name to  ‘android composite ADB interface’.

Step 6: Right click there and choose update driver software

Step 7: In the next step click on browse ‘My computer’ and locate driver software.

Step 8 : Install the software by clicking on it.

This is the complete download and installation process. There will rarely be a chance that you will face any issue here while performing the process, even if you are a complete layman and know nothing. Everything is mentioned in detail here making sure that you don’t have to face any issue.

Even after this if you are facing any issues or have any confusion you can refer Techaarvi. The whole process is mentioned in details there.