No matter how old the roof of your commercial building is, having a regular maintenance schedule or program is advantageous. Since a durable roof provides your commercial property with shelter from the weather elements, making sure your commercial roof is in good condition and properly maintained holds greater significance. There are many ways to extend the life span of a commercial roof and silicone application is one of them as this coating seals the whole surface of your commercial roof. 

To make this line of defense stronger against your roof, below we have listed some best roof maintenance tips that can exceptionally extend the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Get Roof Leaks Fixed Immediately

There may be several worst things a property owner could do and ignoring a leaking commercial roof is one of them. Minor leaks can get worse with the passage of time and become more expensive and difficult to repair. Roof leakage can also cause electrical and equipment damage. If you leave a leaking roof without getting it fixed, it can cause your commercial roof to collapse as well. So, if any leakage spotted, contact your construction contractor and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Get Roof Inspection Two Times a Year

Experts always recommend that you must have a reputed contractor like Minnesota commercial roofing contractors to get your roof inspected twice a year. It will help you spot potential roofing issues and compromises if any so you can get them fixed appropriately. Identifying issues like undetected roof leakage, sagging, cracks, and weak spots allow you to repair them accordingly to prevent any major and expensive damages. When all the potential issues are detected and fixed, the lifespan of your commercial roof is extended automatically. It is always wise to schedule roof inspection before winters as it helps you avoid many roofing issues during the freezing days.

Check Your Roof after Bad Storms

Storms that bring strong winds, heavy snow, or hails can cause serious commercial roof damages that are usually undetected and become major issues with time. So, try to inspect the roof of your commercial property right after bad storms to find and fix issues if any. As a result, you can successfully prevent unforeseen roofing problems that can take a lot of business money away in terms of repairs and fixes.

Avoid Walking on the Roof

Keep traffic on your commercial roof as least as possible. The least people walk on the roof, the extended lifespan it will have. You can also install walk pads to stabilize the roof and prevent damages. Ask your employees to walk on the roof carefully when it is necessary. 

Keep it Clean

Dirty roofs can cause debris buildup, clogs, and mold growth. These all are bad for the life of your commercial roof and can reduce its life. Proper cleaning is an integral part of commercial roof maintenance tips as it helps you make sure that everything is clear of debris to increase the durability of the roof and extend its lifespan.

Regularly Clean the Roof Drainage System

Weather conditions like rain and hails usually direct debris on the surface of the roof to the drainage system. Bunged drainage system can lead to unnecessary roof leaks and other major issues to your commercial roof. That is the reason, you should clean the drains and gutters on a regular basis especially right after rain to prevent clogs. Also, check and fix loosened drains to avoid expensive roofing issues that also reduce the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs

Falling tree branches are some of the common reasons your commercial roof can damage. That’s why pruning the trees on a regular basis is the best practice to avoid major roof damages. Also, make sure to keep your commercial roof clear of leaves and branches.

Hire Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors for Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a commercial roof, hiring someone experienced always makes sense. So, make sure the roofing contractor you are about to hire for maintenance and repairs is highly experienced and has proper professional training to provide quality roofing services. You can also ask them for references and some recently completed projects to make sure they are capable of handling the roofing projects proficiently.