Review: Dianabol or Anabol

Dianabol or Anabol are both brand names of Methandrostenolone, you can buy from Steroid Ninja. This compound works wonders for those who competed in sports that are non-aerobic. It dramatically increases protein synthesis, and increases glycogenolysis (glycogen repletion following exercise) and is known to provide an added amount of muscle strength very quickly.

Methandrostenolone also provide immediate noticeable results. In addition, individuals who take the Anabol for only a short time will experience significant amounts of natural testosterone production shutdown, which is common with the use of androgenic compounds. The side effects of this compound depend on the amount of the dosage taken. In high doses such as daily doses of 30 +mg, an individual may experience androgen-mediated side effects such as male pattern hair loss and acne. If an individual takes low daily doses of the Anabol compound (25-40 mg), they may receive a more effect benefit of the steroid and better results.

A person may receive more effect results when taking the methandrostenolone compound spread over three or four doses because the half-life of this compound in the body is only 3 to 6 hours. This compound is also a great deal more powerful than testosterone ester, which is typically perceived as a top mass-builder. Individuals taking this compound in spread out doses may notice that the peak levels are not as high because it was not taken in large doses.

Individual who choose to take methandrostenolone only in low to moderate doses may get better results if they take it in the morning. This method will help them reach a higher peak level and the steroid will be able to survive a lot longer. In addition, because Anabol half-life is short, it is able to leave the body before the largest production of natural testosterone in the body occurs during the early sleep hours. Individuals taking this compound can maintain a good level of their gains when using Nolvades or clomid post cycle. When individuals choose to use it together with additional, usually injectable steroids, two doses may be the preferred choice, if the amount that is taken is more than 40 daily mg, even with three doses.

It is typically recommended that Methandrostenolone not be taken more that 6 weeks at a time because of the association with strong hepatoxic effects. This product is mostly an oral compound and is additionally a 17-alpha-alkylated, which allows it to survive the first passing through the liver. The values of the liver are elevated for a short period of time which results in making the use of this compound long-term very dangerous. In addition, the values of the liver should return to normal very quickly following the discontinuation of the compound.

There are some additional estrogenic side effect risks associated with Methandrostenolone use. For this reason, it is best to take this compound together with an anti-estrogen. Even though this compound delivers very powerful, fast, and immediate muscle mass and strength gains, the gains can be a challenge to maintain. If taken orally, individual may experience the most powerful results but they still may not deliver the same effects and strength that Anabol delivers. The best use of the methandrostenolone compound is usually for a short-term period of 5 to 6 weeks and taken at the start of a longer bulking stack such as ten or more weeks through the preferred injectable methods which will jumpstart both strength and gains.

When Anabol is used on its own, for safety reasons, multiple short cycles work best. When taken in this method, an individual can take off during a cycle and even longer. For example, and individual can have a plan of 6 weeks on then take 6 to 10 weeks off.

If stacking with other long –acting products such as Equipoise or Deca, cypionate or testosterone enanthate, use the compound early in the duration of the stacking period. The fast acting steroid Dianabol may not deliver its real value for 2 to 3 weeks when injected, which makes it great to start a cycle with.

It is commonly staked with Primobolan or Deca-Duabolin, and for a short use, oral Primobolan works well, in addition to an oral form of Winstrol. These provide a lean and mild base for the Dianabol and both warrant short-term use because of their 17-alpha alkylated make-up.

Dianabol delivers a high risk for water retention and gyno because it aromatizes very heavily when it is in a stack with an additional aromatizing compound. During post-cycle, Nolvades and Clomid use can be enhance the natural production of testosterone and help an individual maintain a good part of their gains.