Remember These Things While Riding a Motorcycle

Riding motorcycles is cool, fun, and adventurous for some, while it is a daily means of transportation for some. Riding a motorcycle is riskier compared to a four-wheeler if proper safety precautions are not taken seriously. Motorcycle accidents are ten times more fatal than other accidents. Riding motorcycles at night is even riskier due to low visibility.

However, with proper safety precautions and proper gear, you can avoid meeting an accident. Also, make sure you are riding a motorcycle you are comfortable with and that suits your physical capacity. Do not go for a vehicle just for the sake of its appearance. If you are in a mess right now due to a motorcycle accident, contact a Thomasville motorcycle accident attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Things remember while riding a motorcycle:

Wear safety gear: When riding a bike, ensure you wear all safety gear for protection. Invest money in good-quality safety gear like helmets, goggles, gloves, protective jackets, and boots. Wearing safety gear will minimize the risk of injuries if you encounter an accident. Always wear a DOT-approved helmet for maximum protection.

Make yourself visible: While riding motorcycles, especially at night, it is important to make yourself visible on the road. Put reflective bands on your helmet and also on the bike. Be cautious and stay away from blind spots of other vehicles.

Inspect your motorcycle: Inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you go for a ride. Check the tire pressure, mirrors, brakes, and lights. Also, inspect any loose bolts, screws, or other mechanical hazards. Along with this, you must take care of regular repairs and maintenance of the bike. If something needs fixing, do not delay it as it might further deteriorate the situation.

Steer clear of obstacles: You must be extra cautious when riding a motorcycle. Always look out for potholes, oil spills, garbage piles, and speed breakers so that you have a window of span to anticipate the accident and stop it.

Maintain a safe distance from vehicles: Try to maintain distance from other vehicles. While overtaking another vehicle, leave plenty of space to avoid any potential collisions. Do not try to cut in between vehicles and be respectful of other drivers on the road.

Is it necessary to have a motorcycle attorney in case of a collision?

Often it is regarded that the rider is faulty for the collision, so to prove innocence in a motorcycle collision or an accident is there than in car accident cases. And also, motorcycle accidents are much more severe than car accidents as the safety level of motorbikes is low. So, dealing with a tough case after being injured can take a toll on your health, worsening your health condition and adding stress to your life. While you concentrate on healing, let the motorcycle attorneys handle your case.

With experience over the years, the motorcycle attorneys have acquired seasoned skills and know how to deal with the case; right from the initial paperwork to representing you in litigation (if required), they will do it all. Further, are points that will help you understand their significance.

Clear your doubts: The aftermath of an accident can be confusing, painful and overwhelming. You might have numerous questions popping up in your mind. Pop the bubbles and ask your heart out to an attorney. They will have logical and prompt answers to all kinds of questions you might have.

Deep dive into the course of the accident: A lawyer will deep dive into the courses that had caused the accident and investigate the matter thoroughly. They will take to the witness and gather evidence to serve your favour.

Calculate and make a demand draft: As mentioned earlier, motorcycle accidents are much more severe than car accidents. Eight among ten people end up in catastrophic conditions after a motorcycle injury. The lawyer will calculate all the expenses you must endure due to the accident, like the medical charges of your treatment after the accident and the future, loss of wages, inability to work and other non-economical expenses. After speculating the demurrage, they will write a demand draft and will claim the compensation.

Negotiating with the insurers: When it comes to paying for the compensations, the insurance companies will try to outsmart you. They are hard to claim compensation from. Their target is to make you settle for a lowball amount. But when you have an attorney to deal with them, you can be stress-free as the attorneys are trained professionals who know how to deal with the insurance companies. On the other hand, when the insurance companies know that an attorney is representing you, they will be much more genuine and do as their lawyer says.

Courtroom representation: Suppose your case has gone to the courtroom; the lawyers are legal personnel and will represent you in the courtroom. They will act as the case demands them to, that is, aggressively or reasonably. They will be with you until they support you and fight for you.

How to get the best motorcycle lawyer?

The thing you need to make clear when you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer is that they only specialise in dealing with motorcycle accidents. There are car accident lawyers, truck accident lawyers and any other personal injury lawyer; choosing one of them will not benefit your case. Apart from this, look for their:

  • Experience
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Client feedback
  • Referrals
  • Fee structure
  • Distance from your location
  • Whether they are a law firm or an independent lawyer

Wrapping up

Follow the advice to ride safe. Be extra careful while you are riding a motorcycle. Rash driving, careless driving and not following the traffic rules can have serious consequences. Wear helmets and safety gadgets to prevent yourself from extreme injuries. A moment of careless joy can end you up in bed forever or make you commit such irreversible mistakes that you will repent for a lifetime. If you ever got involved in a motorcycle accident due to a reckless or distracted driver, hire a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. The accident caused due to the negligent party comes under personal injury law. A lawyer will fight for your case and get you the maximum compensation to get your life back.