Reinvigorate The Concept of Privacy With IOS 13

Here are the top privacy features of iOS 13 you need to know

A lot of people, including some senators, were quite concerned about the privacy features of iPhone’s iOS. It seems like Apple took these concerns seriously as it presents you with the iOS 13.

Here are the top privacy features of iOS 13 you need to know

You will be reminded about the apps tracking your location 

A lot of apps track your location multiple times, but not anymore. With iOS 13 you will be notified about the names and frequency of apps tracking your location. You can choose to allow or limit them as you like.

Now you can grant one-time location access to apps

Instead of choosing from, “always, never or while using” options, now you are at liberty to grant just one-time access to an application.

You can decline access to the Bluetooth devices seeking it

No Bluetooth device can get access to your device without your consent. You can block the Bluetooth connection of unwanted devices to ensure your privacy.

A new name and feature of “Find My”

Locating your lost device or friends? “Find My” is the app at your service. Broadcasting the location utilizing Bluetooth, the location data is transferred securely to the designated user.

Snooping on your contacts’ notes is not an option

Previously, apps used to ask for your permission to access your contacts. But little did you know that they had access to your personal contact notes as well. With iOS 13, they don’t anymore.

Signing in with Apple allows you to use a random email address  

This cool option allows you to sign in different apps with just one touch without the slightest worry about your personal information. Apps that require a sign in MUST use the sign in with Apple option. And, you get to use a fake relay email address that hides your credentials.

Tired of unknown callers? Silence them

With the help of iOS 13, all your unsaved numbers would be directly shifted to the voicemail as soon as you activate the “silence unknown callers” option.

Upload photos without thinking twice about the location

Previously, the precise location was also stored along with the photo. But now you hold the reins to switch that option off.

Anti-tracking safari features

iOS 13 progresses the anti-tracking technology in its inherent Safari browser. This prevents browser fingerprinting and cross-site tracking.