In the era of tech, cyber-attacks have become the norm. This is why companies are spending a considerable amount of budget to develop or update their security system to avoid these cyber attacks. They are now considering having regular penetration testing will help you to identify and analyze the vulnerabilities and gaps in your system regularly.

The Penetration Test is all about vulnerability testing and to examines any exposed weak assets (network, server, applications) of the business. The major downside of the vulnerability test is that false positives can frequently appear. Further Pen Testing will let you know about the weakness of the security system that should be addressed quickly. Here is why your company needs Pentest.

Determine The Infrastructure Weakness

Companies invest in infrastructures such as applications, servers, websites, and software to develop control. However, with the advancement in technology, it’s not only the companies that have updated their systems but hackers as well. They have also come up with an advanced way of cheating and getting into the system. However, with the help of the Pentesting Company, you can easily find the weakness in your system by faking a hacking attack and determine the weak points of the infrastructure.

Updated Controls of Infrastructure

Companies often spend time developing tech and just before it needs to be launched, companies must take a test launch with Penetration Testing Provider to find if the flaws of the products that had been addressed are now fixed. With this, companies will be able to rectify any errors and gaps before the launch of their new technology, and the more precise they will be the better they will be able to launch and their money and efforts will be fruitful.

Better Security as a Whole

Oftentimes, the newly launched applications have flaws and even developed by reputed companies, they may have security flaws and these test applications are often the major target of the hacking attacks. To avoid this issue, the use of Penetration Testing Services is crucial. This is because even the experienced team of developers may leave some errors and they will learn from them about the security risks.

Discover New Bugs In Existing Software

If a company is already using software then chances are that there may be some bugs and glitches that need to be addressed. These bugs may make the existing system vulnerable to hacking. The Penetration Test system can detect them so developers can come up with the patches and updates to fix these vulnerabilities but not only just that, experienced Penetration Testing Provider can let you know about new vulnerabilities as well.

Frequency of Penetration Testing Services

If you are wondering about pen testing then it is better to conduct them regularly to discover old and new vulnerabilities in the system. Testing should be done annually or monthly to find out the internal vulnerabilities in the system like servers and workstations. Make sure the Penetration Testing is performed under the professional’s instructions for a better idea and understanding.