Reasons to Invest in Solar

There have been national discussions about renewable energy in the last couple of years. As a homeowner, you’re probably wondering how you can join the discourse. Carbon footprint is at an all-time high and if we continue with the same rate, there might not be much left for the future generations. One of the ways of reducing the carbon footprint is by going green. There are several reasons why you’d want to invest in solar energy and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Reduced Pollution

Oil and coil are the dominant sources of energy in America yet they’re the main causes of pollution in the country. The use of renewable energy will help in reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such harmful emissions interfere with the quality of air and could also lead to serious health complications. When you install solar power, you get to reduce the carbon footprint by a significant amount over the course of a year.

Reduce Energy Bills

The energy bills in a home contribute a significant amount to the overall expenses. We depend on electricity for heating and cooling, cooking, running electronics and a lot more. If the home is not energy-efficient, you might find that you’re spending a lot of money on energy bills. With solar power, you get to generate your own electricity for up to 25 years. You can decide to completely go off the grid or use solar power to supplement your electricity needs. You will definitely see a reduction in utility bills and get to save money in the process which could be thousands of dollars in a year.

Return on Investment

Solar power shouldn’t be seen as an expense but as an investment. You can expect to pay the initial cost of investment in 7 to 8 years while you get to save money in the process. You could see an ROI of up to 20%.

Increase Property Value

There are numerous studies that have shown that homes that have solar panels installed are likely to fetch more compared to those that don’t have solar power. Home appraisers will take the installation of solar power into consideration when coming with the value of the home. Homebuyers are also getting educated about solar and will be willing to pay more for the home when there are panels installed. It might be time you started searching for Solar Panels Melbourne if you’re looking at increasing the value of your home.

Create Jobs

According to statistics, the solar industry creates more jobs faster than the overall U.S economy.  This growth is expected to be sustained in the future as more people move toward renewable energy. One of the reasons why the industry is a big boost to the economy is because the jobs are high paying and it will not be easy to outsource them to any other person.

Increased Consumer Demand

There has been a positive trend in the uptake of renewable energy. This is because consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of solar energy. It is a resource that is freely available yet people fail to take advantage of it. More than 92 % of voters believe that investing in solar power is important for the economy of the country.

Stay Competitive

This particularly appears to companies. There is a need to stay competitive in the current global dispensation. Early adopters usually have an advantage by the time other people catch on. A lot of companies are exploring the different ways they can invest in solar either directly or indirectly.

No Power Outages

Did you know that more than 36 million Americans experience power outages every year? When you invest in solar, you can say goodbye to power outages because there will be a backup option to fall on.  You can still use the energy that is stored when the sun disappears. Depending on the size of the battery bank, there is a possibility that you could go off-grid completely. You still get to enjoy the simple luxuries of owning a home without having to worry about the electric bill.

Opportunity to Make Money

If you’ve installed solar power and you’re having excess energy, there is the opportunity to sell it back to the grid at a premium. You can also decide to share the excess power with your neighborhood. You not only get to cut on costs but to get to make money in the process.


There are many benefits to investing in solar power some of which haven’t been mentioned.  The ROI will also be realized in less than 10 years.