Reasons for employee crime in companies

In addition to the decline in moral values, the lack of internal control systems, and very important, the dissatisfaction of the employee, which may have built up over the years, are the main influencing factors in employee crime.

Satisfied workers will neither endanger their jobs nor accept criminal consequences and do not have any arrest records, because who bites the hand that feeds you so reliably and if the employee likes to work there. From our own work experience, we can almost always recognize the three same motives when an employee tries to steal or defraud the company in which he works. So, background check is important.

The criminal employees are often in financial difficulties or simply greedy

Occasionally, of course, we also have the wage fraudster, who either did not get his planned vacation and makes his own decision about his free time or does not appear for work due to a timely termination, even though the remaining vacation was not sufficient for the release.

It is seldom the case that a perpetrator acts out of revenge because he is not popular with his superiors or colleagues or because he was left out during the last promotion.

Cheat your own company

  • As an employer, you should take the time to cheat or steal from your own company and check the control systems.
  • Get a feel for how they would do it and where the weak points in the system lurk.
  • If you don’t have the time or leisure, ask our detective agency to find out where there is a need for improvement!
  • It is also important to have a preventive background check for newly hired or temporary workers, which, for whatever reason, you intend to use at key points in your company.
  • The use of a personnel check by a detective agency or a security service provider is far cheaper in such checks than if a new position in the company has to be filled by a possible dishonest employee.

Was the detective necessary?

Remember that the detective costs incurred can be reclaimed by the person causing the damage under certain conditions.

However, this presupposes that the employee has committed a breach of duty, and secondly, that the deployment by detectives must have been necessary and relevant from an objective point of view.

The crucial question regarding this reimbursement of costs is whether the detective agency’s services were necessary for the appropriate legal prosecution or legal defense.

Use your personal influence in employee appraisals, company meetings or company celebrations to anchor the openness and corporate mission statement in the minds of your capable employees, so that they can see for themselves how important their work is for the company and is also valued.

Give your employees the opportunity to anonymously send constructive criticism or indications of misconduct to the management.

Have an open ear for the “floor radio” and check your own control systems so that it becomes clear to you where the security gaps are exposed.

Work with a detective agency or a security service provider to create a security profile for your company so that you get an objective, professional opinion about the security situation of your company.