How to Start and Run a Successful Bar

In order for you to start a bar such as the Room Alba (룸알바) you are most definitely required to have a substantial capital, a good comprehension of the manner in which you can be able to market your product, and a tolerance for taking significant amount of risk. A bar is very much capable of being a profitable but a high-risk business.

Millions of individuals usually enjoy visiting bars and spending their cash, however, there is a certain intense competition in this industry as well as the liability concerns. This liability issue include a drunk patron getting injured either on the premises of the bar or after he or she leaves the bar. Prospective owners of bars are most certainly required to be prepared for long hours and occasionally stressful scenarios.


1 ) Acquire a license for their liquor. Depending on where you bar is situated, acquisition of liquor license is very much capable of being a very expensive proposition for you to undertake. Some areas, like in the state of San Francisco, have stopped giving out new liquor licenses; therefore for you to get a liquor license you are most definitely required to make a purchase of an existing one.

2 ) Apply for municipal, state and federal business licenses. The precise combination of permits that are most certainly required to begin a legal business entity that usually serve alcohol will most certainly vary depending on the location that you are one. It is advisable that before you sink your money into a particular location that you take utmost caution and have all of your licensing in place.

3 ) Lease, rent or buy a high-traffic location. An appealing and also the same time accessible location are very much critical to ensure the success of a bar. Therefore, if  by any chance you are looking to start a bar business then it is advisable that you look for a venue that is pretty much close to other attractions such as waterfront, theater district, or the sports stadium. The reason as to why this is essential is so that you can be able to take advantage of related foot traffic.

4 )Hire reliable staff and train them thoroughly in their various duties.. It is important for you to insist on the necessity of drink mixing consistently for the purpose of ensuring that you have control of inventory and  also a good satisfaction of customer. Also, you shouldstaff training to be able to recognize individuals that have too much drink and instruct them to be consistent in denying serving the over-indulgers drinks.

5 ) Keep your business location clean and tidy.. A bar that typically gets a reputation to be a grungy or a place that is not safe is certainly going to lose business and experience a loss. It may probably even attract the type of clientele that you most certainly do not wish to have. Therefore, it cannot be stress enough as to why it is very much important for you to keep your business location clean and tidy.