Jordan Henderson wins the Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year award

Jordan Henderson wins the Football Writers' Footballer of the Year award

Footballer Jordan Henderson has been awarded the FWA of the Year for the 2019-20 season. From the soul of midfield, and playing a crucial role in Liverpool success journey, the Liverpool captain steered his side to the Premier League crown.

Henderson a man with a good heart also spearheaded the Initiative of #playerstogether on every social media platform during the coronavirus pandemic. With this many players team up with NHS Charities and holding hands to raise money for the NHS to help the globe at this crucial stage. 

Henderson, the 30-year-old footballer decided to set the tone for the Reds throughout the entire season duration. After which he has now been elected by the country’s football writers as the player of the year.

In the footsteps of Liverpool legendary heroes Steven Gerrard and Kenny Dalglish, Henderson has been awarded the title, ahead of a number of other contestants nominated for the title. The most amazing part Manchester City’s midfielder Kevin de Bruyne was also nominated for the title but wasn’t made his way to it.

Jordan Henderson wins the Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year award

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Henderson after being selected for the title said that he wants to appreciate everyone for the support and also to those who voted for him. And In the end, thanked the Football Writers’ Association for giving this prestige.

In addition to his words, he said to look at the past winners of this award, there were a number of winners with whom he was blessed to play with, at Liverpool. These iconic stars were Stevie [Steven Gerrard], Mo [Mohamed Salah], and Luis [Suarez], taking these names he hinted how prestigious the title is.

He felt grateful for this title but also mentioned won’t able to come this far alone. Being emotional with the title in hands, he said, he hasn’t achieved anything big this season or in fact during his whole career alone.

He added, behind this award there were a lot many different people from different fields to support him, but none more than his current teammates. According to him, his teammates were just been amazing and deserve this every bit as much as he deserves.

According to him everything he achieved or the team has achieved was complete because of every single member of his squad. These members were brilliant not just during matches but outside the ground too. Not just in creating the moments that produce the headlines, but also every day in training.

Giving his lines an end Henderson said, for him, the individual award doesn’t mean that much like an achievement as the award being collectively achieved by the team.