What Does RBG Rating Mean in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?     

Rated battlegrounds, the game’s highest level of battleground play, generally feature tough combat between highly organized teams, with personal and team rankings on the line. As with Arena play, rated battlegrounds have stricter restrictions on goods and abilities. All of the included battlegrounds have been scaled to 10v10, which has sped up several conflicts.

Starting PvP can be frightening for some people, but keep in mind that even the top players had to start somewhere in order to reach where they are now. This article is a quick guide about Rated Battleground.

What is Rated Battleground and RBG Rating?

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Rated Battlegrounds, like the Arena system, are a different means for players to compete against opponents of similar skill levels and earn ratings in order to buy more powerful PvP gear. Rather than competing in a 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 bracket, you’ll be putting your skills to the test in familiar locations like Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm, as well as brand-new Battlegrounds in Cataclysm.

The 10v10 and 15v15 brackets are used in Rated Battlegrounds. The Battleground holiday filter can be used to view these brackets in-game via the calendar. When you queue for a Rated Battleground, you will have the option of being paired against a team from any of our North American World of Warcraft realms.

They’re competitive team games in which you fight and must achieve particular objectives. You are not required to kill any bosses. Capturing the flag or gathering resources are examples of objectives. Your team wins the game when it collects enough resources or flags. Battlegrounds are available to players starting at level ten. You’ll be pitted against a similarly capable collection of heroes from the other faction. Horde vs. Alliance is a battle between the two factions. Raids are formed by assembling public queues of players with similar MMR from any world.

If you’re new to rated battleground, your rating will start at zero, and you’ll have to win games to raise it. You won’t lose points for losing matches if you have a lower rating. You will gain higher incentives as your rating rises, as well as special rewards designated for the top players. Better gear can be found in Oribos’ Weekly Vault.

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How To Reach the Rated Battleground?

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You must first establish a raid with the required amount of players for the weekly bracket before entering the queue (10 or 15). Regardless of guild affiliation, any level-85 player from your world and faction is welcome to join the battle.

Simply enter the PvP window, click the Conquest tab, highlight “Rated Battleground,” and then click “Join Battle” once you’ve assembled a raid of the right size.

A special guild banner will show in the upper-left corner of the in-game minimap if you join a Rated Battleground with the required minimum number of guild members. If you’re eligible for the bonus guild experience, this will let you know.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Rated Battleground?

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Rated battlegrounds provide significant rewards in the form of Conquest Points and are a good way to get new gear. The implications for ratings, on the other hand, may be a more powerful motivator for victory in these encounters, as they provide not only personal glory but also a chance for rating-restricted titles, mounts, and achievements. The highest-rated teams in each region may be found on the official site, just like the arena.

Conquest Points (CP) were the higher-level currency awarded for taking part in PvP battlegrounds, ranking arena warfare, Random Battlegrounds, and Ashran. Honor Points were used as the lower-level PvP currency, which could be earned from non-rated battlegrounds and general world PvP. The points earned in one PvP season did not roll over to the next. Any CP that was leftover at the conclusion of the season was converted to honor points until the cap was reached, at which point it was converted to money if necessary.

The following sources provided Conquest points:

  • Winning rated battlegrounds earns you 400 points.
  • Losing rated battlegrounds might result in a penalty of up to 200 points, depending on how close the combat was.
  • Each day, 150 points are rewarded for the first Bonus Battleground, and Random Battleground won.
  • After the first Bonus Battleground and Random Battleground, you will receive 75 conquest points.
  • On completing the whole set of PvP dailies on the Isle of Thunder for a given day, you will receive 50 gold.

It should be noted that earning conquest points in excess of your weekly cap is impossible.

Honor points are earned by killing players from the opposing side who are the same level, a higher level, or up to eight levels lower. Killing low-level players will get you no glory and are commonly seen as a sign of bad sportsmanship.

Mark of Honor is the final important PvP bonus. Marks vary from the previous two currencies in that they can be saved and stored in your luggage. Then you can trade them in for gear, professional recipes, professional supplies, or other consumables from PvP vendors. Strongboxes, a form of loot found on battlegrounds or in arenas, are the most common way to gain one or more Marks of Honor.

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There you have it! A quick overview of the Rated Battleground in World of Warcraft. We hope we have provided all the information that can be helpful for you. So, gather your nine more friends and indulge yourself in this unique gaming experience.