10 Game Losing Mistake Every Beginner Makes In WoW Arena


At some point of time, every person has been a new partaker in their gaming career. Many beginners forget that people who have no experience can still play along very well. It never feels good to be called a novice. Many unwanted behaviours of new players are recognisable and the mistakes can be sorted in order to achieve new heights in their gaming career.

By sorting them, you would be well on your path to play like a pro or at least as an average player. We still have to remember that World of Warcraft can be a challenging game to play to conquer, and beginners  will often make errors. Following are the ten most common mistakes new players make in World of Warcraft.

● Downgrading Gear


If you’re a beginner, don’t always take on every item that falls because you feel it’s an upgrade. If you have no idea whether or not it’s good for you, there are plenty of online resources for help.

A warrior thinks it’s better for him because it has a higher armor value and more agility but it’s a myth. There have been many novices who keep in dungeons rolling on gear that is dangerous for them.

● Leaving Pet Taunts Switched On


Hunters need to remember not to use growls in dungeons or raids. In many lower-level dungeons, one can observe a tank complaining about losing aggro because the Hunter didn’t switch off his pet’s taunt. Back in the game, it could be ruining for groups.

A lot of new players believe that it is pretty simple to play adequately, especially in earlier expansions, and everyone wants an awesome animal companion. So, There’s a reason people grumble when they see a Hunter in the group. They would roll on every item and forget to turn off their pets during shortcuts.

They would not remember to switch off the Growl and some of them even don’t even know what Growl is. Hence, avoid committing the mistake of keeping the Pet taunts on.

● Selling Important Items

You have certain items which you don’t know the immediate value of, and so you sell them to a vendor. Later, when you know them professionally, you realise their worth and then you want them back.

It is quite easy since you can always buy the ingredients from the Auction House to upgrade your skill. It’s just that saving them could save you some serious money. Alternatively, you have sold more money selling  items to other players. It is then crucial that you realise your mistake soon and the vendor is ready to give you back the items.

● Playing The Overpowered Classes

There are phases in the game when certain classes or specs are strongest, so just have patience and play what you enjoy most. As long as you play your class well, it would be useful.

You are bound to be disappointed if the only reason you are interested in playing a particular character is that they are the most popular actors of the month. Many novices hear that one class is overpowered and immediately want to play it. This is a mistake every beginner commits.

● Asking Trade Chat For Help

We should never ask trade chat for help or for gold. Altogether we should try and avoid trade chat as inquiring anything in there will eventually be met with jokes, insults, or wrong information.

Sometimes people are helpful, but there is always a danger of the truth being lost. If one trusts trade chat too much it would be a terrible mistake to commit.

● Raiding LFR


LFR is a version of the raid that diminishes almost all mechanics and leaves no chances of wipes lest something goes wrong and hence is always controversial.

LFR doesn’t teach you the basics of raiding, you’re highly mistaken if you think that LFR is good training. It’s mostly a different raid. The quality of players one could search for in a normal raid are much higher than those in LFR. We can say that it is a better training ground for harder difficulties.

● Joining A Smaller Guild

Large guilds composed of hundreds or thousands members are often puzzled with problems. We can see there is mostly no guild community, no good raid team, few helpful players to upgrade with, and other posing downsides.

If a lot of members are upgrading it means a lot of money is going into the guild bank (i.e., the guildmaster’s pockets). Hence joining smaller guilds tend to be good on average if one is looking for lifetime social experience.

● Need For Ignoring Mechanics

Those people who neglect mechanics make the encounter much more difficult for everyone. Please do just get out of the fire even when it seems tempting to stand in one place and destroy out meters that come your way.

● Keyboard Turning


One of the most important signs of being a beginner is using WASD, or the arrow keys. If we turn with our mouse while using our keyboard to attack, it is a much more reliable technique. It allows us to get fast character adjustments, facing the foes behind us and moving away in an instant.

● Clicking With Mouse

The utmost terrible behaviour that lets everyone know that you are a novice is ‘clicking’. If one uses a mouse to click, it makes one’s reaction time to be much slower than using keyboard keys. It might seem like a big deal but nothing is like that. Unlike clicking there is no disadvantage to keybindings.



Having understood the ten game losing mistakes that beginners make in Wow arena, it is now time that you be extra cautious and try avoiding them as much as you can. Upgrade your status from being a novice to being a pro in the game.

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The experience would be amazing and would offer you so much to learn. Go for it. All the best and Keep upgrading your skills!