How Long Does It Take To Do a Diagnostic Test on a Car?

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to be vigilant about the car’s health for maximum efficiency down the line. The more experienced you are with driving, the more likely it is for you to sense when something is not functioning right. More often than not, the driver’s hunch is right. You can directly take the car to an auto shop depending on how big the problem you think it is.

In situations like these, the first recourse any technician or mechanic will turn to is a diagnostic test. Let us see what exactly a car diagnostic test is and how long you will have to wait for one.

A Car Diagnostic Test

A car diagnostic test is one of the simplest ways to test if there is something wrong with your car. You will most likely undergo this diagnostic test if the check engine light is on. Other times, you might feel that there is something wrong with the drive which may cause you to check if there is an underlying issue. It will help determine what has caused the problem in the vehicle.

Much like cars, there are also several motorcycle diagnostic tools that you should be aware of. The main function of the diagnostic tool is to check your vehicle, car or motorcycle, and let you know what the issue is which is to be treated. Diagnostic tests from are perfect as they work well with different models and also ensure accurate test results.

How Long will a Diagnostic Test Take?

This is a question that cannot be answered definitively. We can tell you the approximate timing depending on the average time taken by different vehicles, but the time taken may still vary. Ideally, for a motorcycle or a car, the diagnostic test will require at least an hour. You can, therefore, easily expect at least one and a half hours for the diagnostic test to be finalized.

This is because there are many subjective factors that might be influencing the duration. Apart from the one to one and half hour window, the diagnostic test can also take longer. This may not be the case for every diagnostic case, but it sure is a possibility. Depending on the aspects of the car that need to be checked, the diagnostic test can take longer than expected, which means a lot of waiting periods for you.

If the car has some issues that need more time to detect, you can expect it to take two to three hours to run a diagnostic test. The reason why the test will take time, therefore, is because the technician has to first run the test and then check where the issue lies. The time will be further extended based on whether the car needs to be left with the mechanic for repair work.

Can You Do It Yourself?

As DIY becomes more popular, people prefer doing stuff themselves rather than rushing to the auto shop each time a small complication occurs. So if you are wondering whether or not you can do the car diagnostic test yourself, let us answer your question: Yes, you absolutely can! You can buy a diagnostic tool from a reliable manufacturer and go ahead with the process to save yourself a trip to the auto shop.

One essential thing to understand here is that you will require to watch a tutorial or read instructions carefully to get accurate results. You will have to be careful with the handling because wrong results can give you unwanted stress and can also waste a lot of time. Another aspect to note when it comes to the time taken is that just because you are doing it yourself does not mean that a car diagnostic test will take less time. Expert the waiting period for the results to be majorly the same.

Why Does it Take So Long?

A diagnostic test usually does not take an entire day, so we would say that the waiting period is not too long. However, it is completely subjective and depends on the owner to decide whether the test takes long or not. Let us tell you why it takes so long for a car diagnostic test to produce accurate results.

A diagnostic tool has various different areas that are scanned to detect the area in which some issue has surfaced. One thing to note here is that the diagnostic tool does not tell you exactly what is the problem with your car. This is why you will eventually have to go to a mechanic in case any problem does occur on the results of the diagnostic test while you are doing it yourself. The same rules apply to a motorcycle diagnostic test as well.

The systems in the car monitored include the engine, the transmission and the cooling system and the brakes. While a diagnostic tool does tell you that there is, in fact, an issue, it will not be able to perfectly isolate the problem. You do not want an inaccurate diagnosis based on a preliminary test without verification. The mechanic will have to pinpoint the issue through their experience. Even if you decide to do the diagnostic test yourself, it is the expertise of the professionals that treat the issue for the best results.

The Takeaway

Now, you must feel more familiarized with the general working of a car diagnostic test and why it takes a certain time to produce correct results. Whether you are doing it at home by yourself or a professional is doing it in an auto shop, the general time taken will not differ much. This is so because the time taken does not depend on the person in charge but on the diagnostic tests’ ability to properly check and detect issues, if any. So the next time you feel impatient while the diagnostic test is running results, understand that it is in the best interests of your car.