Rasheeda Frost Explains How Kirk’s Affair With Jasmine Washington -The famous couple of Rasheeda and Kirk Frost had a very tumultuous love story full of heartbreak and scandals, but they were still together.

Famous for love and hip-hop Atlanta was on the verge of divorce after making sure Kirk was in a relationship with Jasmine Washington, leading to the birth of their loving son, Canon.

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Despite scandals, the duo found a way to live together and open new businesses.

In a recent interview with EssenceRasheeda, he explained how he made it work and said, “The path can be very difficult. You have to communicate and find a way to make sure you love each other. We and I were friends, and we went up and down. The good times are really good and the bad times are bad, but they are bad experiences. We understand each other a lot more and make sure to set aside time for each other when things seem a little crazy. ”

“I think it not only made me stronger, it also strengthened our base. Being in a realistic show, sometimes you don’t want to share because you’re embarrassed. But in real shit, not everyone’s life is what they are pretending to on social networks. I’ve met Many people went through the same thing and then became a witness. People say, “My God, you helped me overcome my condition.” It was painful, painful and devastating. But at the end of the day, I feel that’s what we should do. We live our lives transparently. That’s what we fell for and that’s what we did. ”

“I often go, to be honest with you, the people who talk about it can never wear my shoes. Many women have never been in a relationship for five minutes, so much less 20 years. So you can” I speak not about the decisions I make. In the end, it is my life. I didn’t make any sense to influence me in one direction or another. All I did was pray and follow my heart. And if no one likes, don’t follow me and leave a comment. Something you are dealing with maybe something I will not deal with, but it is not up to me to tell you what to do. “