Ensuring security at home is extremely important to everyone. A home is a refuge and a place where every member of the household should feel safe and comfortable.

Therefore, it must be equipped with the latest devices that ensure the highest level of security. Video door communicators not only allow to talk with guests at the door, but are also a very important element of the home security system.

Why do intercoms increase home security?

Modern intercoms are completely different from their counterparts from the end of the 20th century. Old intercoms were devices that allowed basic communication, but the sound quality, and thus the clarity and understanding of the conversation was often problematic. Today’s intercoms offer not only crystal-clear sound quality, but also high-definition video. Thanks to this, video door communicators work not only as intercoms, but also as innovative devices included in the house securitysystem. When looking for security intercoms with the most advantages, it’s worth checking out 2N models. Security intercoms from this Czech manufacturer are equipped with an HD camera that can take a photo of anyone who uses the intercom. This photo is automatically sent to your email address, so you know exactly who and when was trying to reach you. What’s more, intercoms from 2N also feature the Night Vision option, which allows you to observe the space in front of your door during the night. Some models also have the option of playing a short warning message to discourage intruders.

Modern security intercoms provide comfort and a high level of protection

Intercoms from 2N can be easily connected to a home alarm system, which translates into even better protection. It is worth adding that innovative intercoms from 2Nare devices that can be paired with both a smartphone and modern answering units. As a result, you can receive calls from your intercom from anywhere in your home.Video door communicators allow to increase home security, which is why they are so popular today.

If you are looking for the best intercoms, choose models made by 2N, which is the leader in the security intercoms industry.


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