Producing Music Should Not Be Hard

Is it really that hard to make and produce music? For a lot of musicians and bands, producing music is a daunting task. Think about it, there are many stages in this song making process. You have to write an original song, then you have to arrange it so it all flows together. Then the next stage is the mixing stage and last but not least is the audio mastering stage. If you never heard of that term before, you are not alone. Click Here to see what one looks like, it’s an example of online audio mastering studio.

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The Stages Of Producing Music

  1. Writing – This is where you come up with an original score or piece of music. It usually includes and intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro.
  2. Arrangement – This is where you place each part of the song so it flows. A good arrangement will have ups and downs and take you on an adventure
  3. Recording – This involves recording each instrument onto tape or in the digital domain, like a digital audio workstation. This captures what each musician plays and the person who captures and set it up is called the audio engineer
  4. Audio Mixing – This involves leveling each individual instrument in a way that makes sense for the sound you want. It also involves inserting effects and tweaking the sound of each track.
  5. Audio Mastering – This is the place that takes the mix to another place. It enhances it and corrects any mistakes made in the frequencies of the stereo mix. This is the last stage and a very important one.

My Last Words

All this looks pretty complicated, but if you know what you are doing and you have the confidence to jump into it. I am pretty sure you can produce music with a lot of work and dedication of course. You cannot succeed, if you do no try and failing is a part of learning and it makes you stronger.