How to create the perfect absence message?


You may go on vacation or be out of your office for a few days. In order not to make your contacts wait too long, it is recommended to set up an absence email sent automatically to them. The absence message must be short and include the most important information such as the period of absence, the reason for the absence and the email address of a colleague who can process your contact’s request. 

To create the absence message, it is necessary to create a new filter on Roundcube provided in your personal email hosting

How to configure an absence email on Roundcube? 

If you have Roundcube on your shared hosting, you can create an absence email by logging into your mailbox and clicking on “Settings” at the top right.

Absence email Click on the “Filters” tab and then on the “+” button in the “Filters” section. 

Absence email enter a filter name, check the “All messages” box then select the “Reply with message” action. 

Absence email Indicate the body of the absence message, the subject of the message as well as the frequency of sending the message then click on the “Save” button. 

Absence email Move the “Vacation” filter above the “Spam-default” filter so that the latter is taken into account. 

The displacement is carried out by simple drag and drop.

 How to create an absence message?

 As it is good to recall, a good communication within a company also passes by the message of absence. Although the latter is automatic, the latter must be clear and precise. So how do you create your absence message? 

Object of the message it is important to define a subject on your message. Indeed, this will allow your contact to know what is at stake. The object most often used is “out of the office”. 

Form of appeal your absence email must contain a courtesy statement. The best way is to first thank your contact for their message such as “Thank you very much for your message” or “Hello and thank you for your email”. Availability date as indicated at the beginning of the article, it is important to communicate the most relevant information. This is why, if you are away from your office, it is necessary to indicate the date when you will be back at the office.

 Although it is not an obligation, you can also indicate in the email, the reason for your absence, for example: I am currently on leave. I will be available again from Monday, March 10, 2024.

 Unable to redirect in some cases, it is possible for you, in addition to sending the absence message, to forward the email to one of your colleagues. However, there may be some reasons why this does not happen. It may be good to give the reason why your contact email will not be forwarded to one of your colleagues.

 Referent while you are away, some of your files and clients may be handled by one of your colleagues. In this case, it may be interesting to let people know. You can for example, put as a sentence, this: In an emergency, you can contact Mr. X whose email address is the following [email protected]

Conclusion formula you can set up on your absence email, a polite statement in conclusion such as “Yours” or “Best regards”. 

Personalize your absence email:

In many professions, you can be more relaxed, which allows you to personalize your absence message a little more to be less formal. This is particularly the case when the emails are mainly internal notes. 

For example, in your absence message, you can only indicate that you are on vacation, without putting a return date. 

Here is an overview of the styles you can use for your absence messages: Relaxed I am currently on leave. It will be possible to join me again from March 10, 2024 Special occasion happy new year! On break for Christmas holidays, I will be back very soon, fresh like a roach 

Humorous (mainly between colleagues) When hiking, I will be there again on March 10, 2020 if I find my way However, it should be noted that there are certain formulas to avoid such as the formulas “Finally on vacation!”, “I would not link your emails during my holidays!”. 

Example of absence message Hello and thank you for your message, I am currently on leave and will be at your disposal again on March 10, 2024. For reasons of confidentiality, your message will not be transmitted. However, in the event of an emergency, you can reach my colleague at [email protected]. Best regards your signature 

What are the risks of an absence email? 

It is very common to set up an absence message when you are away from the office for a certain period. However, it is imperative to pay particular attention to the information that your message will transmit before saving it.

Indeed, it is unfortunately not uncommon for criminals to take this information to use it, for example to rob you. 

Conclusion on absence messages

You are now able to set up an absence email, it only remains to test this during your next vacation. Also, you know what must necessarily contain your message. Indeed, it is important to highlight the reason for your absence as well as the date of return. Note that the polite formulas are required and it is imperative not to be too familiar in the latter. And above all, don’t forget to deactivate the filter as soon as you return.

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