PanOxyl Website Products & How They Help Combination Skin

Dry skin and oily skin both present issues that need to be addressed. This is a statement that’s not up for debate. However, what happens when you have both? Some patches of skin are dry, whereas others are greasy to the touch. How do you use PanOxyl website products to help in this kind of scenario?

Dealing with this type of combination skin can be tricky, as products tend to work for one or the other rather than both. However, it’s not too difficult when you know what’s what.

Combination Skin Explained

What often happens with combination skin is that you’ll find that your T-zone tends to be oily, whereas your cheeks and jawline have dryness issues. Due to its complex nature, it can be hard working out which PanOxyl website cleansers and acne products are for you, but there’s a simple way to determine if you do indeed have combination skin.

Cleanse your face and wait before putting any kind of product on it. Half an hour should be long enough to see what your skin looks like naturally. Should your cheeks be itchy and your T-zone glistens, you’ve got combination skin – without a doubt. You might also have this type of skin if you have forehead and chin pimples while your nose is flaky and dry.

How to Deal With Combination Skin

Your skin is unique to you, so it’s a matter of finding a solution that works for you without causing discomfort or irritation. As such, you should do your best to avoid harsh chemicals in your skincare products. Whenever you get something new as a person with combination skin, a patch test is always recommended – just in case.

When choosing other moisturizers and toners to go alongside your PanOxyl website products, you’ll see some for oily, some for normal skin and some for dry skin. Your dermatologist will tell you in this kind of scenario, gentler is always best at first, as you don’t want to trigger your skin into creating more oil in an attempt to protect your skin from whatever you’re using.

Here are a few quick tips to assist your search:

  • Refrain from using heavy, hydrating cleansers
  • Balance your skin with a good alcohol-free toner
  • Always use a moisturizer, as your skin needs hydration
  • Don’t use heavy creams
  • Exfoliate occasionally & gently

The Key Is to Be Consistent In Your Approach to Skincare

So, when using PanOxyl website products on your combination skin, follow the brief instructions that we’ve provided for you here today. Ensure you go for gentle products that will nurture your skin rather than stripping it, and be consistent in your approach.

Don’t be too quick to change your routine if you happen to be getting some breakouts, as it will make it very difficult to pinpoint the reason otherwise. A couple of weeks is usually long enough to gauge whether something is working or not.

Failing that, you could always pop along to your local dermatologist and ask for their expert opinion. It’s tricky to get the balance right with combination skin, but there is a solution out there waiting to be found, so just go find it!