Online Dating Vs Traditional Dating: What do you prefer?

When you first read the topic of today’s article. You indeed have decided your preference in your mind. Before further discussing the article’s subject, we must be aware of online dating vs traditional dating definitions.

Traditional Dating:-

As the trend goes, two people first see each other, talk to each other and then make efforts to meet each other. This is the most typical way of dating. Traditional dating has been followed by every one of us for generations now. But this Pandemic has changed the situations, and tables have been turned. Let us discuss what has changed and how online dating became popular!

Merits of Traditional Dating:-

  • Traditional dating allows the couple to spend time with each other and get to know each other better.
  • It helps you to know your partner better. You will know his/her likes/dislikes, hobbies, favourite places, destinations etc.
  • Traditional dating is the means of meeting each other face to face. It helps two people to get open with each other. When you are available with someone, you share an emotional bond that becomes unbreakable.
  • Whenever you go for a date, you try to look the best version of yourself. This helps both the partners to dress for each other and share the bond.
  • Traditional Dating also allows you to give gifts to each other. You can share gifts with each on every occasion or each time you meet. This also helps in strengthening the bond. Also, you may gift fragrance, flowers to your partner. It looks elegant and is liked by everyone.
  • It is a known fact that engaging in some physical activity needs teamwork. That means you need a partner who listens you and helps you. Thus, doing some physical activity like playing chess or any other games together and helping each other can help strengthen your bond via traditional dating.

Demerits of Traditional Dating:-

  • In today’s fast dating and fast breakup generation, it is not easy to trust anyone. Traditional leads to the investment of your time, money, energy and emotions. Thus, people with sensitive hearts should try online dating and get to know each other first.
  • Shy people often get rejected due to the face to face interaction. If you are shy, it is very natural that your partner can lose interest in you. This is another demerit of traditional dating.
  • For people who have a particular aim in life and want to achieve something in their lifespan, it is advisable to stay away from dating. This is because it requires a lot of time and dedication towards your partner. If you don’t give them preference, they may lose interest and move on. Either you can try your best on a date, or you can give your best to your future by studying hard. The choice is yours!

Online Dating:-

As the name goes, Online Dating refers to dating over the Internet. It is an online service that allows strangers to talk to each other and get to know each other. Online dating aims to choose the best and suitable partner for yourself to develop personal or romantic relations. Nowadays, the Internet is the only way left through which people connect. They talk to each other online over the applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc., as discussed above the pros and cons of Traditional Dating. Let us discuss the advantages and demerits of online dating too. Let’s begin, Shall we?

Merits of Online Dating:-

  1. If your YouTube comments not loading, Wifi does have a valid IP Configuration, and you are bored, use Online Dating. It is the best remedy for all the problems.
  2. Another reason of online dating is that you need not meet each other instantly in the first meeting. Thus, you can create a long-lasting impression on your partner and make them understand that you are shy.
  3. Online dating helps you to explore each other. It gives you lots of time to talk to each other. Also, you can do other chores as well while chatting online. That is the best thing about online dating.
  4. Online applications such a Facebook, Instagram and other dating applications respect your privacy. However, meeting in person seems more complex as people are present to breach your privacy.
  5. Moreover, Online Dating is also an excellent platform to meet new people. If you are not able to find your perfect match till now, you may try online dating. In this, you may talk to multiple people and choose a suitable partner for yourself.
  6. Also, Online Dating saves your time, energy and money as well. In the case of traditional dating, you took hours to get ready and to decide the gift you should take. All these conditions do not occur in the case of Online Dating.

Demerits of Online Dating:-

  1. On the one hand, Online Dating is a boon for conservative people. However, Some people take advantage of these dating applications. They talk to each other only to make physical relations for one time and then block each other. Doing this can lead to a punishable offence.
  2. Also, when you have lots of options, you have to spend more and more time on these dating applications. Doing this will distract you from your studies. And you will have a hard time finding the right one for you.
  3. You must have heard about the compatibility tests on some applications. Some dating applications use a compatibility test by asking a few questions, and People with the same answers get matched by the application. Let me tell you that it is not effective at all. It is just a computer made calculation basis on your answers. It is not necessary that the people with the two or three exact solutions are compatible to date or marry each other. Thus, it is advisable to pay attention before Online Dating.

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