3D aoi enables to measure the height of all parts on a PCB by the unique optical design. It will reduce the programming time of the inspection data and debugging. Also, inspections which were considered difficult like dry joint, shifted lead, lifted lead and the lifted micro chip can be easily done with very high accuracy.3D aoi can measure accurate height of parts by projecting the stripe pattern from the same point. Wherever this pattern hits the object, it will exactly measure the height.The growth of 3D aoi systems market is highly reliant on the growth of automotive and medical equipment market globally.

For purpose of in depth analysis, the 3D aoi systems market has been segmented on the basis of inspection method, applications andgeography. Based on the inspection method, the market has been segmented into two types they are like laser measurement and 3D surface imaging by doing multi-frequency phase shifting. Various types of applications of 3D aoi systems includes application in aerospace & defense, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, medical devices and energy & power. Moreover, this report also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segment across different regions such as  Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

The capability of inspecting the co-planarity of the components by using 3D aoi is one of the key growth drivers for this market .Detecting the lifted leads and reduction in the false call rate are few major factors driving the growth of 3D aoi systems market. Therefore, the growing need of aoi system in the production line of the surface mount technology is a key factor anticipated to catalyze the growth of 3D aoi systems market during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. In addition, the usage of aoi for the purpose of detecting the surface feature defect like incorrect component, open circuit, short circuit, scratch and strain and incorrectly placed component is also anticipated to increase the demand of aoi in the upcoming years. In turn this is also projected to affect the market of 3D aoi in a positive manner during the forecast period.

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Inspite of many driving factors, the 3D aoi systems market is expected to show a shrink and fluctuation in growth rate because of theconventional image-based inspection method. False call rate of the imaging aoi and issues with the inspection algorithm the major restraining factors for the global 3D aoi systems market. The growing demand for simple image processing algorithm in the turbofan jet engine blade maintenance is going to create significant opportunity for 3D aoi system in coming years.Apart from that the growth of usage of aoi in the inspected components is also acting as an opportunity factor for  the3D aoi systems market in the forecast period from 2017-2025.

By application, the automotive type held the largest market share because ofthe  increasing demand for the  high-quality and high performance  electronics component for safety-critical system like ADAS, braking system and the airbag. However, the applications  in medical devices is projected to achieve high growth during the forecast period.Rise in the usage of electronic equipment’s in the patient monitoring devices like diagnostic device, cardiovascular device, and respiratory device is the key factor for the expected growth of 3D aoi for medical applications.

Geographically, the global 3D aoi systems market is mainly driven by Asia Pacific region. Business friendly environment, low production and maintenance cost and low labor cost is driving the market of Asia Pacific region. Rapidly growing demand of portable devices which includes smartphone, tablet, laptop, and wearable device is predicted to fasten the demand of aoi, thereby expected to drive the 3D aoi systems market rapidly. North America is anticipated to be the fastest-growing market in the overall 3D aoi systems market during the forecast period from 2017-2025.

Some of the leading players operating in the 3D aoi systems market includes Omron Corporation (Japan), Nordson Corporation ( The U.S.), Orbotech Ltd. (Israel), Koh Young Technology Inc. (South Korea), Viscom AG (Germany), Goepel Electronic GmbH(Germany), Camtek Ltd. (Israel), Mirtec Co., Ltd.(South Korea) and Saki Corporation (Japan) among others.

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