Digital Coil Winding Machine industry: Top Key Vendors, Segmentation, And SWOT Analysis By  2019 – 2027

Motor coil winding machines are widely used in the automobile industry in different varieties like single-phase and three-phase motor coil. These are designed to be used in equal-size motor windingarbors. Additionally, they also serve winding coil applications for devices like toroidal transformers which rely on cylindered cores consisting of copper wire wrappings. The growing demand for these in the automobile sector is expected to create significant opportunities for players in the coil winding machines market. these machines are also widely used in generators, armature cores, field cores, bobbins, and electrical motors among others.

The rising demand for these in the textile sector is also expected to drive significant growth for players in the coil winding machines market. the rising trends like wearable textiles embedded with electrical sensors promises a major opportunity for innovation. The growing demand for werable devices, various advancements in textiles, and technologies on the horizon like 3D printing and material advancements are expected to drive growth for coild winding machines market in the near future.

Additionally, rise in demand for energy in emerging world and introduction of portable power devices are also expected to drive growth. The portability, and demand for energy for industries, and renewable nature of portable sources of energy are expected to remain significant opportunities for growth in the coil winding machines market. Countries like India and China are expected to drive significant opportunities for new players as demand for new technologies with energy savings, and reliance on sustainable energy are expected to create new opportunities.

Moreover, the rising demand for electric vehicle is a major opportunity in the coil winding machines market. Rising demand for electric vehicles, growth of supporting infrastructure like 5G, battery stations, and trends like Internet of Vehicles are expected to drive robust growth for the expansion of the coil winding machines market.

Coil Winding Machines Market – Introduction

Coil winding is the process of making an electromagnetic coil with the help of a series of loops. It is used for multiple applications in different industrial sectors performing various functions. In addition, coil winding machines are used in relays, transformers, chokes, solenoids, inductors, resistors, generators, and electric motors. A coil winding machine is a multi-speed machine used for winding coil into bobbin spool. Furthermore, Coil winding machines are of two types i.e. manual and automatic coil winding machines. Manual coil winding machines are handheld winding machines used to create tight evenly wound coils, whereas automatic coil winding machines are multi bobbin winding machines designed to wind coil, that requires complex wrap, cut, wind, and routing functions. Automatic coil winding machines are equipped with AC Servo motors for spindles and axes control, so as to provide maintenance-free operation and outstanding performance. 

Coil Winding Machines Market – Company Profile

Synthesis India Pvt Ltd. 

Established in 1993, Synthesis India Pvt Ltd. is a leading exporter and manufacturer of automatic coil winding machines and transformer winding machines over the past 25 years. The company manufactures and designs a broad range of coil winding machines, and fully and semi-automatic machines to industrial sectors such as automobile, healthcare, aerospace, electrical and electronics, and energy and power.

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Established in 1938, Marsilli Is the world’s leading manufacturer of coil winding machines, located in Castelleone CR, Italy. In 1970, the company started to innovate its products, introducing semi-automatic processes. Furthermore, to meet the needs of customers, the company manufactures and designs CNC Control winding machines.

Some of the significant players in the coil winding machines market are Synthesis India Pvt Ltd., ACME Mechatronics, Inc., Broomfield, Bachi Company, Nittoku Engineering, Metar Machines, STO Group, BR Technologies, Whitelegg Machines, Bestec Co., Ltd., B.M.P. & Equipment, Gorman Machine Corp, Micro Tool & Machine Ltd., WELLYANG Electronics Technology, JARS Machines, Shining Sun Enterprise, Jinkang Precision Mechanism, and Zhuhai Ascend Technology among others.

Coil Winding Machines Market – Dynamics

Increasing adoption of coil winding machines across the globe in different industry verticals

Rise in demand for coil winding machines across the globe in different industry verticals that includes automobile, healthcare, aerospace, electrical and electronics, and energy and power owing to perform variety of end use such as wire bonding , wire winding, and wire welding, is expected to boost the coil winding market worldwide. Furthermore, major manufacturers are expected to provide multi-speed machines in various categories and types, so as to perform a range of functions in various industry verticals. One of the major factors hampering the growth of the global coil winding machines market is high initial cost of the machines.

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